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Let's see if opposites really can attract...
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It’s official – Beauty and the Geek Australia is back after a seven-year hiatus and to say we are pumped is an understatement.

WATCH BELOW: First look at Beauty and the Geek 2021

On Monday night, Channel Nine shared the first trailer for the upcoming series that they’ve dubbed “the most uplifting, feel-good show of the year.”

The hilarious Sophie Monk is taking over as host and shared her excitement on her own Instagram page.

“I can’t even 🙈 this show is sooo entertaining with so much comedy you’ll laugh and with so much heart you’ll cry. It’ll be your favourite show EVER! I promise. ( and I’ve experienced some reality shows in my time) this won’t disappoint you. Hand on my heart,” she said.

Sophie Monk Beauty and the Geek
Sophie Monk is the new host and vows that it won’t disappoint. (Credit: Nine)

In the show, a group of “Beauties” (attractive and outgoing women who don’t have much in the way of book smarts) are partnered with “Geeks” (typically shy and awkward but intelligent men) and compete in various challenges in a bid to see if opposites really attract.

The Geeks also undergo makeovers and the reactions in the trailer prove some have the ultimate geek to chic transformation.

On top of that, expect some romance to go down.

“Hands down the best date I’ve ever been on,” one Beauty muses in a clip.

“I haven’t ever met anyone like you,” another Beauty confesses in a snippet from a date.

Beauty and the Geek Australia
We also caught our first glimpse of the Beauties and Geeks competing. (Credit: Nine)

Reality stars from all walks of Aussie TV have also expressed their excitement at the return of Beauty and the Geek.

“Can’t wait!” exclaimed season five Bachelor Matty ‘J’ Johnson.

“Looks really fun and super sweet,” mused Celebrity Apprentice star Michelle Bridges.

Meanwhile House Rules judge Kyly Clarke exclaimed on Sophie Monk’s post: “I think I have replayed that last 10secs about 20 times already. Laughing so hard !!! Your reaction Soph was perfection.”

WATCH BELOW: I’m A Celeb’s Erin Barnett on Beauty and the Geek. Post continues after video…

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