Barry Hall and Lauren Brant open up on heartbreaking family loss

Inside the star couple's emotional interview.
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AFL great Barry Hall and Hi-5 star wife Lauren Brant have been candid in speaking out about suffering the devastating loss of Lauren’s sister-in-law Sandra from bowel cancer while urging others to be vigilant for signs of the disease.

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In an interview with A Current Affair in June 2021, the SAS Australia star broke down in tears while being interviewed by Leila McKinnon.

Joined by his wife, Lauren Brant, a children’s entertainer, the two shared Sandra’s journey and the importance of paying attention to signs and symptoms when it comes to medical diagnoses.

After being diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2019, Sandra sadly passed away in March 2021, but it took her a long time to get diagnosed with the disease that would eventually take her life.

lauren brant barry hall
Barry Hall is best known for his stellar career in AFL. (Credit: Getty)

Lauren has publicly shared that Sandra was misdiagnosed with and treated for cramps, IBS and muscle issues, with the cancer later spreading to her hips.

Sandra was just 38 years old when she became unwell and passed away at age 41. Making the diagnosis all the more difficult was the fact that Sandra had no family history of the disease.

“There’s one reason alone why we want to share our story with everyone and that is because cancer is real and it can happen to anyone,” Lauren told A Current Affair.

“We never thought it would happen to our family, we never thought it would happen to Sandra, we never thought it would affect us to the stage of actually losing her and the thing is she could maybe be here with us if she detected it early enough.”

barry hall lauren brant
Lauren Brant with her sister-in-law, Sandra. (Credit: Instagram)

“The stomach pains that she had been feeling for over a year, that is what it was the whole time,” she continued.

“But no one had tested her for bowel cancer, it was everything else under the sun.”

Lauren has been very open about the pain of her loss, often taking to Instagram to share photos of her sister-in-law and discuss bowel cancer in an attempt to raise awareness.

“The symptoms are not obvious…” the mum-of-two wrote in a previous Instagram post.

lauren brant barry hall
Lauren Brant posted this image with a plea for her followers to generate awareness about bowel cancer. (Credit: Instagram)

“Friends – no matter how minor your symptom is, get a second opinion, get all the tests – do not feel embarrassed or ‘over the top!

“If she had been AWARE that Bowel Cancer affects young people, or knew of someone’s story, she may have done a test and may have been able to beat it & survive. But it was detected too late for our darling Sandy, and left too long untreated. Awareness could have saved Sandy’s life,” she wrote.

“PLEASE GENERATE AS MUCH AWARENESS AS POSSIBLE 🙏🏼,” she finished, all in caps.

In February 2021 – prior to Sandra’s death – Lauren asked her to be her maid of honour after Barry got down on one knee during a hospital visit, asking Lauren to be his wife. Later that day, the couple – along with Sandra and close family members – exchanged vows in a key ceremony.

“She (Sandra) was too weak to even walk and Tyron had to carry her and stuff,” Barry said to A Current Affair. “There was no fuss, no frills. It was all about love.”

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