Bachelorette Ryan’s Shock Walk Out

The season villain will exit the show in spectacular fashion this week
Channel Ten

He has been dubbed the resident villain in the Bachelorette mansion this year, but New Idea can exclusively reveal that Ryan Jones’ shocking behaviour is far from over.

According to our well-placed spies, the Sydney-based Kiwi is set to bring even more drama to our screens by storming out on a romantic date with Sophie and heading home in an episode set to air this week.

‘No one could actually believe what was happening,’ said the spy. ‘He just got up while she was still talking and walked out.’

It was during coveted one-on-one time with the former pop singer that Ryan decided things were not going his way.

Feeling a lack of connection with the gorgeous blonde, the confident silver fox spent time desperately trying to find something they could talk about.

But taking offence to Sophie pointing out the fact that they may not be a good match soon prompted him to cut his losses by taking matters into his own hands and abandoning her mid-date.

‘Sophie told him she was worried he wouldn’t fit into her world, and that was it,’ the spy spills. ‘He took it personally and was so furious he left. He didn’t see the point of wasting any more time with her and said she was stuck up.’

While it’s unclear if these scenes will be shown on air, the insider claims that after the date, Ryan headed back to the mansion to explain his side of the story.

‘He walked in and told them all what happened and that he was going home,’ says the spy.

‘Everyone thought it was a joke at first and couldn’t believe he was actually serious until he packed his bags and was gone.’

‘He has been portrayed as the villain now so he thinks they are setting it up so the whole thing looks like it was his fault,’ continues the spy. ‘He says if the fans knew what an absolute diva Sophie was behind the scenes they would understand why he wanted no part of it.’

The Bachelorette airs Wednesday and Thursday night at 7.30pm on Channel Ten.

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