Baby found dead while mum partied with friends

She partied for a whole week.

A Russian mother is alleged to have let her nine-month-old son starve to death while she partied with friends.

According to Russian media reports, Viktoria Kuznetsova is claimed to have left her baby son locked up at home after her husband left for the military. She then proceeded to stay with friends in their student accommodation and partied for a whole week.

Police were alerted to the home after neighbours reported the couple’s disappearance.

After searching the home, they discovered Egor’s body.

According to Russian media outlets, the mother allegedly told friends Egor was being looked after by his aunt.

She also reportedly told police that she tried to give her child to an orphanage but was later returned to her care.

It is being reported that the 17-year-old mother is now facing up to 10 years in prison due to her negligence.

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