Australian woman’s viral post following horrific murder of Eurydice Dixon

'If you want to be safe stay at home.'

A very poignant message addressing violence against women has gone viral following the horrific murder of Melbourne comedian, Eurydice Dixon. 

Eurydice Dixon, 22, texted her boyfriend to say ‘I’m almost home safe’ just moments before she was sexually assaulted and killed in Melbourne‘s Princes Park on Tuesday night.

Back in 2015, a 17-year-old schoolgirl was stabbed to death in Melbourne’s east, and in the midst of that death journalist and feminist Jane Gilmore penned a post that went viral. It has now resurfaced. 

‘Women, if you want to be safe, stay at home. Except that you are more likely to be killed at home by someone who claims they love you, so don’t stay at home,’ Ms Gilmore wrote.

‘Make sure you don’t have a boyfriend because he’s the most likely person to kill you, but don’t go out without your boyfriend because you need someone to protect you. Don’t show too much skin or laugh too loud or dance too much, but come on love, give us a smile. 

‘Carry your keys and your phone at all times and make sure you run far enough to burn off all those calories but don’t do it in public and for god’s sake don’t run in shorts, that’s just asking for trouble. 

‘Public transport is dangerous, but so are taxis and walking and driving on your own and did I mention that staying at home is really risky, so don’t do any of those things OK? Men, just carry on as you were, this is not your problem OK?’ 


Among those sharing the post was Lisa Wilkinson, who wrote: ‘A hugely promising young comedian, with a unique take on life, and a love for it… gone in the most unspeakable circumstances,’ she wrote. 

‘My heart goes out to her family and friends and the unimaginable heartbreak they must be going through… Rest in peace Eurydice.’

The Herald Sun reports that Ms Dixon left Highlander Bar in Melbourne’s CBD with her boyfriend of four months Tony Magnuson. Shortly after she finished performing a comedy show at the popular venue at around 10.30pm.

Insisting on walking alone Ms Dixon blew a kiss to her boyfriend and began the short journey home, the Herald Sun reported.

‘I’m almost home safe, HBU [how about you],’ she wrote to Mr Magnuson at about midnight.

Ms Dixon never make it home.

Her accused killer, Jaymes Todd, handed himself into police on Wednesday night and was charged over the alleged murder and sexual assault on Thursday morning.

The 19-year-old has been remanded in custody to reappear in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on October 3.

Our condolences to Ms Dixon’s friends and family. 

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