The one product everyone is buying from Aldi

A new survey reveals.

A new survey has revealed that Australian shoppers prefer Aldi over Woolworths and Coles. 

Aldi-branded fresh milk, long-life milk, butter and multigrain bread scored the top ratings by consumers for overall satisfaction measured by taste, packaging design and value for money, according to Canstar Blue’s latest report. 

Canstar Blue, a comparison site, surveyed 6000 shoppers and found Aldi was ahead of its competitors for the overall quality and satisfaction of its food products. 

Aldi Farmdale topped Canstar Blue’s customer ratings for fresh milk and long-life milk, each receiving five-star ratings from shoppers.

The stores Baker’s Life multigrain bread and Beautifully Butterfully butter earned five stars also. 

Canstar Blue
Aldi received five stars across the board for its fresh milk (Credit: Canstar Blue)
Canstar Blue
(Credit: Canstar Blue)
Canstar Blue
(Credit: Canstar Blue)

Meanwhile, Woolworths was given the lowest or joint-lowest ranking for its wholemeal bread, white bread, block cheese, margarine, butter, long-life milk and jam and fruit spreads.

Canstar Blue editor Simon Downes claimed Aldi had managed to strike the ‘perfect balance’ between price and quality.

‘Aldi has really struck gold in terms of getting that balance right,’ Mr Downes said. ‘It’s almost like Coles and Woolworths are missing out because they’re not striking the same balance between price and quality.’

In terms of those everyday basic essentials, Aldi can kind of almost do no wrong in the eyes of shoppers,’ he added. 

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