Aussie woman’s Tinder baby paternity nightmare

She warns women to use condoms
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Lucy, a 26-year-old Sydney woman, has been left searching for the father of her child after dating two men on dating app Tinder. 

The woman found out she was pregnant after taking an at home pregnancy test.

She told The Feed, ‘It was really a state of shock…it was just a sort of blankness.’ 

the feed

The next day, Lucy went to her GP, and she believed she was eight-weeks pregnant. 

Lucy decided to terminate the pregnancy. Once at the clinic her doctor took a bedside ultrasound and told her there was ‘no way she was eight-weeks pregnant.’ 

The clinic confirmed that she was over 20 weeks pregnant, meaning that a termination was no longer an option. 

‘My whole world tipped on its head in the space of about 20 minutes,’ she said.

This change in timeline also meant that Lucy no longer knew who was the father of child. 

She told The Feed, ‘That meant that it was no longer the Tinder fellow who I had recently been dating, it was another Tinder guy who I was dating for six months in 2016, and who had moved to London.’



When Lucy told the man she believed was the father of her child, he demanded a DNA test. A few weeks later, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy – Charles. 

Once the child was born, Lucy opened the DNA test results in the mail and got a huge shock. 

‘The results were that he was not the father, I remember with that I felt sick straight away.’

Lucy discovered that the father of Charles was in fact the first Tinder boy all along. 

After several apology messages and an few explanations later, Lucy reveals that the relationship between Charles and his father is growing slowly. 

So what advice would she offer now? ‘Use condoms, always,’ she says. 

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