Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell tell all about brand new tour

It's double the trouble as these two take to the stage.
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When New Idea sits down with the ridiculously talented couple that are Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell, we anticipate lots of laughter with a big splash of cheekiness – and they don’t disappoint!

We’re meeting the boys to chat about their concert tour, ‘Up Close and Unpredictable. It’s their first time taking the stage together in almost 17 years, and they tell us the idea for the show was born “over a few cocktails.”

WATCH NOW: Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell joke about the seven-year itch. Article continues after video. 

“I love that we are kind of producing the show ourselves,” Tim says proudly. 

The seasoned showman has a wealth of experience in the industry, having racked up an impressive CV on both stage and screen. 

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During the concert extravaganza, Tim gets to revisit his early career in the ’90s through music and anecdotes. He tells us the show is “loosely biographical.”

“It’s called ‘Up Close and Unpredictable‘ for a reason; so far it generally doesn’t stay to the script,” he reveals. 

“This show is our baby,” the couple say. (Credit: Supplied)

For husband Anthony, every night on the tour has been a different experience so far. 

The self-confessed “control freak” says that, for once, he’s “not always getting my own way” at every turn. 

“This is really new for me, and Tim throws me curveballs all the time,” he shares.

“I just have to be on my little toes.”

Anthony and Tim are having a blast on tour. (Credit: Supplied)

The couple have been married since November 2014. When it comes to their relationship, they have learned to “find a good balance.”

One thing they do need is plenty of rest to take care of their vocal cords, so separate hotel rooms are a must to ensure they get enough beauty sleep. 

Anthony tells us he also likes having his own dressing room, unable to cope with Tim being a “storm in a teacup.”

It’s clear the dynamic duo are having a ball working together. And while their pre-show beverage of choice couldn’t be more different – Tim prefers “coconut water” and Anthony a “nip of scotch” – they are on the same page with one ritual to prepare themselves for showtime each night. 

“We always go for a swim,” says Anthony. “To me, that is the best vocal warm-up because you’re breathing and your diaphragm is working.”

The duo opens the tour with a song from the show where they first met. (Credit: Supplied)

Tim says trusting that the show will come together is the hardest part when “it’s your baby.”

He and Anthony manage everything from the lighting to staging in the latest venture. 

The pair both agree that having accountability for the production has been important, especially because of the “real connection” they like to build with their fans. 

“I love seeing all the loyal supporters that have come and posted their videos and memories of the night on social media,” shares Anthony. 

“I love live music, I love my work and touring is my number one favourite thing. But the fact that I now get to do it with Tim makes it a little bit more enjoyable.”

‘Up Close and Unpredictable’ is touring around Australia until November 25. For tickets visit or 

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