Rob Irwin reveals the animal he is most afraid of

"They're not just aggressive, no, they try to kill me."
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In just about every way possible, 19-year-old Robert Irwin takes after his dad, the late Crocodile Hunter, Steve. 

In fact, Rob regularly hops into the water with the crocs at Australia Zoo, much like his dad did, putting his life on the line in the name of entertainment, education, and of course conservation.

WATCH NOW: Rob Irwin has an alarming snake encounter. Article continues after video. 

But surprisingly, Rob isn’t afraid of the predator in the pool, but a rather furry marsupial instead – wombats. 

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Making the surprise admission whilst making a guest appearance on Channel 10’s The Cheap Seats, Rob was quick to label wombats when asked which animal he liked least by host Tim McDonald. 

Rob made the surprise admission whilst appearing on The Cheap Seats. (Credit: Ten)

“You are obviously passionate about animals. Is there one that you’re like, ‘I’m a little less keen?’ Tim asked Rob. 

“It’s funny,” Rob replied with a smile on his face. 

“I will say I love all animals, and I absolutely love them to death, there’s not an animal that I don’t just love. But there are some animals that don’t love me particularly well.”

“Don’t trust a wombat.” (Credit: Ten)

Rob went on to add that he had “a thing with wombats,” much to the disbelief of viewers tuning in from home. 

“Wombats try to kill me. They’re not just aggressive, no, they try to kill me,” the teenager admitted before adding that crocodiles were much easier to “deal with” because “wombats are crazy.”

“They’re insane, they can run 40km an hour,” he added. 

“Don’t trust a wombat.”

Like father, like son. (Credit: Instagram/Australia Zoo)

But despite his apparent reservations about the native Australian animal, Rob proved that he was his father’s son through and through as he shared some words of wisdom from the heart. 

“Something that my dad always said and something that will stick with me forever was, ‘Treat every living being the way you wish to be treated.”‘

“Except wombats, because they have a thirst for blood,” he joked. 

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