The winner of The Amazing Race Australia 2023 has been crowned!

Fans are thrilled for the winning pair.
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After twelve high-stakes, high-reward legs, a winner has finally been crowned on the inaugural season of The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition. 

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks for our all-star contestants, who have raced across the likes of India, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Borneo. 

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And whilst all 11 teams were racing for a good cause, specifically a charity of their choosing to donate the $250,000 in prize money too, only one could emerge triumphant. 

And for 2023, that winning team was Scottish-Australian television presenter Darren McMullen and his nephew Tristan Dougan who were racing to raise money for charity, Feel the Magic, which provides early intervention grief education programs for kids aged 7 to 18.

But in a shock twist, the duo chose to share their win with their fellow racers, allowing the prize money to be donated to an additional two charities – Dementia Australia and the Leonie Jackson Memorial Fund.    

(Credit: Channel 10)

All season long, these fan favourites have tackled every roundabout, roadblock, and detour thrown their way, overcoming intricate challenges set to test both heart, mind, and body to come out of the race on top. 

As they ran up to the final platform, fans could see the joy and exhaustion written all over their faces as they completed the final leg of the competition. 

The celebrity pair were puffed as they greeted The Amazing Race Australia host Beau Ryan when he congratulated them on their shared victory. 

“Listen, it was our decision…we didn’t want to step on to the carpet without everyone here. We don’t want to take first…we want to wait for you all and do it together because we think that we all deserve something for our charities,” Darren explained to his fellow racers. 

“We couldn’t take this [win]. We’ve all worked so hard on this.”

The final leg of the race ended on a heartwarming note. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Prior to the finale airing, fans predicted that Darren and Tristan would win. 

In second place they predicted mother-daughter duo Angie and Allie Simpson and in third, former yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins and her sister Hayley. 

In actuality, Darren and Tristan did in fact finish in first, with Emma and Hayley trailing behind in second and Angie and Allie in third, but given they all landed on the finishing mat at the same time – they’re all winners in Australia’s eyes. 

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