Here’s everyone who has left Alone Australia 2024

Unfortunately the wilderness got the best of these survivalists.
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There’s no doubt that Alone is Australia’s toughest reality television series. 

Tracking ten Australians as they are dropped off in an isolated location, the series follows the contestants through self-recorded footage as they attempt to not only survive but thrive in the wilderness and all that it throws at them.

From finding food and clean drinking water to staying warm and dry and building shelter, each and every contestant has a unique set of survival skills that equips them with the tools to succeed in the series. 

But as they face off against the unpredictability of Mother Nature, and deal with enduring isolation as the days tick away, the competition only becomes harder. 

Unlike other reality television shows, there are no “eliminations” in Alone, rather, contestants can voluntarily leave the wilderness or be medically evacuated by professionals if they are in harm’s way. 

All they have to do to win the $250,000 in prize money is outlast their competitors, but that’s easier said than done.

Scroll on to see which contestants have left Alone Australia season two so far…

Tamika. (Credit: SBS)


After 53 days, a physically and emotionally spent Tamika made the tough decision to leave the wilderness.

“I know it’s time. I can’t push anymore,” she shared with the crew of Alone as they evacuated her.

“If the body gives out, the body gives out. I don’t want to hurt myself. You’ve got to do what’s right for yourself and your family.”

It was an impressive feat for the 51-year-old who refused to eat any animal meat (save for a handful of trout) for much-needed sustenance.

Rick. (Credit: SBS).


After more than 40 days, the former military man came to the realisation that his journey of being alone had come to a natural end.

“I had a calmness to me when I arrived and I have a calmness to me now. I’m at a place of peace and I’m grateful for the opportunity to look within,” Rick shared with his camera.

“I have a much greater appreciation for life in general,” the Queenslander added.

According to Rick, his decision to leave was primarily prompted by his homesickness, and desire to see his family, especially his wife of over 30 years.

Jack. (Credit: SBS)


Despite being given the all-clear from the Alone medical team to carry on in the reality competition, father-of-two Jack made the tough decision to withdraw after 16 days in the wilderness and little luck hunting his own food.

“It is a hard decision but it’s a clear, logical decision for me because I can feel my body getting weaker,” he lamented.

“Your mind starts thinking of your family and the important things in your life. I think that if I continue I’d be putting myself at risk. I want to finish strong.

“I’m a predator and I want to finish as a predator and not a victim of the wilderness. It’s important for me to go home healthy.”

Jason. (Credit: SBS)


This proud Yanyuwa, Waanyi/Garawa man ultimately reached the limits of what he could achieve on Alone, telling producers when they came to pick him up after tapping out that he just didn’t trust himself “out in this environment” after losing a staggering 11kgs in 8 days.

“I’m getting these dizzy spells and I’m just feeling really sort of muddled and stretched I suppose. Yeah, I think I’ve reached my physical, and mental limits as well. I don’t know if I can go another day without food in the belly,” he shared.

“I think psychologically it’s too much to deal with and I’m ready to call it a day. I feel like I’ve tried everything within my skillset to be able to make a go of it here but the land just kicked my ass. It’s bittersweet but I don’t have any regrets. It’s been a massive learning curve for everything I don’t know about my physical and mental limitations.”

“I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the experience.”

Chace. (Credit: SBS)


As this year’s youngest survivalist, this 27-year-old knew he had something to prove when it came to surviving and thriving alone. 

But after 10 days in the wilderness of New Zealand, the Defence Force combat engineer made the decision to withdraw, telling his camera that he missed his wife Annie, who he discovered was two months pregnant just days before he was due to depart for the wilderness.

“Home is calling and it’s a hard call to ignore,” an emotional Chace shared. 

“I feel like I’ve made the right choice. There are priorities elsewhere. It’s important to me now that I get home and take care of my family.”

Leanne. (Credit: SBS)


After four grueling days in the wilderness, proud Barkandji woman Leanne voluntarily withdrew from the competition, citing a desire to return to her husband Rob (who was on season one of Alone Australia) and their children after battling intense feelings of homesickness. 

Given she was essentially starving on a cold, wet beach, it’s no surprise that she was feeling emotional and wanted to be with her loved ones, and not alone.

Mike. (Credit: SBS)


From the moment he was dropped off at his isolated stretch of beach by the production crew, it seemed like everything was smooth sailing for resilience coach Mike. 

Sadly however on his first night, the 60-year-old began experiencing heart pains and made the tough (and very smart decision) to tap out and receive medical attention in the form of an ECG, which came back ok. 

“When you’re my age, when you think about chest pain you can’t help but think it could be something drastic,” Mike said to his camera in the episode. 

“What is my life, have I reached my limit? That’s why I made the call.”

“I really thought I was going to die,” he added.

While the cause of the heart pains that Mike was feeling has not yet been confirmed, thankfully the father of three has recovered.

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