Allison Langdon snubs hug from Karl Stefanovic

It appears the former co-hosts are in murky territory...
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Before her appointment as the host of A Current Affair, Allison Langdon was the much-loved Today Show co-host. Every weekday from 5:30am to 9:00am, the 44-year-old was joined by Karl Stefanovic to deliver Australia’s daily dose of news and entertainment.

Remaining a valuable member of Channel Nine’s journalistic team, alongside her primetime weeknight presenting position, she is also the host of the explorative parenting series Parental Guidance. It is the launch of the series’ second season that saw Ally’s return to The Today Show on Monday, June 5.

WATCH: Ally Langdon debuts on A Current Affair. Article continues after video.

Reuniting with the show’s cast and crew, in a playful (now-deleted) social media video, Ally cheekily denied a hug from her former colleague.

Marking her first return to the morning breakfast show since her departure in January 2023, Ally spoke on the season two premiere of Parental Guidance.

A since-deleted social media video captured a behind-the-scenes moment where the Today hosts lined up for hugs from Ally.

WATCH: Ally Langdon snubs Karl Stefanovic’s hug on The Today Show. Article continues after video.

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Karl, who was expertly placed at the end of the line is seen eagerly awaiting Ally’s embrace. After hugging each of the hosts, once Ally gets to Karl, she is seen turning the other way and walking off, leaving Karl to showcase his ‘upset’ acting skills.

In an obvious jest, the moment pokes lighthearted fun at the infamous Ally/Tracy Grimshaw hug snub coinciding with the host turnover on A Current Affair.

Allison herself cleared up the rumours surrounding that very moment recently, where she told TV Week”It looked bad, but that day, we’d already been chatting, and she knew I was the new host – it just hadn’t been announced yet.”

“So in that moment, I think she was overwhelmed and felt that if she hugged me, she might reveal a secret.”

WATCH: Tracy Grimshaw rejects Ally Langdon’s hug. Article continues after video.

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Today’s cast and crew celebrated Ally’s short and sweet return, where her guest appearance was met with much visible excitement.

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