4 of the best summer skin-survival tips

Long summer days will cause damage to your skin but not if you follow these simple tips
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Don’t let long summer days cause more damage to your skin. Follow these simple tips and your skin will glow with good health all year round. 

  1. Remove dirt, sweat and sunscreen. Switch from a foaming cleanser to a creamy version which is much gentler and more hydrating on ageing skin. If you don’t remove sunscreen properly then your skin will have a hard time absorbing the anti-ageing ingredients in your moisturiser.

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  1. Exfoliate to remove dead skin cellsAs we age the skin cell turnover slows down which makes skin appear dull and/or flaky. The quickest way to reveal healthier looking skin is with a manual tool that you use with your cleanser which will sloth away the dead skin cells. Keep in your shower and use nightly. 

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  1. Add this step. Sun, surf and chlorine will dry out skin even more combined with heat so the addition of an anti-oxidant rich serum will deliver results. Serums are a concentrated way of getting anti-ageing ingredients into the skin and one which contains Vit C (or ascorbic acid) will reduce redness and pigmentation, fight free-radical damage and boost collagen production. Use in the morning to protect and at night after you cleanse and before you moisturise. 

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  1. Double-up. Sunscreen moisturizing UVA/UVB SPF 50 will not only protect from damaging rays but keep skin from feeling tight during the heat.  Using it year round, every day, no matter the weather is simply the best anti-ageing advice you will ever receive, and it’s never too late to start to see a difference in your skin tomorrow. 

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