The BIG fashion trend, that all of the big name celebrities are Setting

Are you in the loop? Check out this season’s hottest staple piece.

The classic nautical stripe has now transitioned into a fabulous statement bottom.

New Idea have been on celebrity style watch this week; and have noticed that Sarah-Jessica Parker, our own Isla Fisher and High School Musical’s, Vanessa Hudgens, are all sporting the striped pant-look.

So we ask the question…

Why is it good to have a staple statement piece in your wardrobe?


When you have that “one piece” of clothing, that always works for you (and people always compliment you on the way you look in it), it is easy to pair it back with a different top, or with bold new accessories, to transform your look.

Others will not notice that you are wearing the same piece, because you have changed the focal point through mixing and matching the accompanying garments.

Scroll down to see how New Idea uses the same statement piece with different pieces, to create two totally different looks!

New Idea
LOOK 1: Wear it to the office (Credit: New Idea)
New Idea
LOOK 2: Wear it to the beach (Credit: New Idea )

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