Sarah Michelle Gellar reveals her beauty secrets

The Buffy star is now 41 and looking as gorgeous as ever!
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Sarah Michelle Gellar is now a grown-up 41 but she sure as heck doesn’t look it.

The actress, you’ll remember her from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the cult film I Know What You Did Last Summer, has changed in the past decade or so and fair enough, she’s not Benjamin Button after all.

But her skin is peaches and cream flawless nonetheless. 

How does she do it?

In an interview with US Weekly, the wife and mother of two, says her golden glow is due to a dedicated skincare regime which she never EVER veers from.

The good news is that this skincare routine is not crazy expensive – in fact, it’s not even particularly luxurious!

Yes, it turns out Sarah Michelle’s golden glow is down to good common sense more than anything else.

Sarah Michelle Gellar
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“From an early age I’ve understood you have to take care of your skin,” she told Us.

“You know, don’t go to sleep with makeup on, cleanse and moisturise before bed.”

Sarah Michelle also drinks plenty of filtered water and she enjoys a mask (at home!) when she has a spare moment to herself.

But if there’s one step she’s a little fixated on it’s this one – cleansing.

Sarah Michelle Gellar
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“The second I get home I wash my face. First with a wipe to take off makeup then a cleanser,” she said.

Fair enough. Plenty of us do that. But Sarah Michelle takes cleansing a little more seriously than many of us.

She always washes her face before and after she gets on and off an airplane and she does the same when on set.

“When I’m filming I wash my face at lunch time,” she said.

“I’ll leave my eye makeup on and let my face breathe. And when I get my makeup redone it looks fresher.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah Michelle Gellar – 41 years old and killing it! (Image: Getty.)

Sarah Michelle’s other secret is one we heartily endorse – sunscreen and not just when she’s headed for the beach or a day outdoors, but each and every day.

Her current fave – Olay Complete Daily UV Moisturising Lotion SPF 30, $14.99.

“Makeup sits on top really well which to me is the most important,” she explained.

“I hate those moisturisers that gets blotchy the second makeup goes over top of it.”

Us too Sarah Michelle – us too!

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