Refresh your hair to get Miranda’s luscious locks

The model's mane man gives us his top tips
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Sun, a summer breeze, the beach, cocktails by the pool … all the things we love about summer! Trouble is, they can wreak havoc on your hair and scalp, leaving them dry, discoloured and damaged. While protection is better than cure, there are some solutions if the damage sets in and Miranda Kerr’s hair man David Keough spills the beans…

– Your Issue: Dry, Flaky Scalp
Cause: Sunburn, dehydration
Fix it: “Always wear a hat in the sun,” says David, who’s also tamed the tresses of Amy Pohler, Elle McPherson, Kristen Davis, Delta Goodrem, Olivia Newton-John. “If you’re at the beach or poolside, and you have a definite part line, apply your sunblock to the skin there, too. Relieve dryness and itchiness, and heal your sun-stressed scalp, by massaging quality coconut oil or argan oil into it at night. Leave on overnight and shampoo out in the morning. Do this every night until your scalp heals.”
Try: Inecto Very Smooth Coconut Body Oil, $14.95
Sukin Restoring Argan Oil, $19.95

– Your Issue : Split Ends
Cause: Sun, swimming, overusing electrical appliances
Fix it: “The only way to get rid of split ends is to have them cut off,” stresses David. “However, you can stop them from occurring with regular conditioning treatments, having a trim every six weeks, being gentle with your hair when it’s wet and going easy on your blow-drying and curling tongs or straightening irons. Also, always use a leave-in heat protector when styling.“
Try: Wet Brush, $23.95 (this glides through wet strands, detangling without breaking them!).
Kevin.Murphy Angel.Masque, $49.95
John Frieda Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat Protective Styling Spray, $16.99

– Your Issue: Dull, dry strands
Cause : Summer winds, sun exposure, constant swimming
Fix it: “Use a protein-based moisturising treatment at least once a week, to restore moisture and elasticity to the hair.
Apply it to mid-lengths and ends only and leave on for one to three minutes.”
Try: bhave Deep Intense Conditioning Masque, $41.95
MUK Intense Muk Repair Treatment, $25.95

– Your issue: Green Tinge
Cause: Chlorine can make blonde hair bright green while even red heads and brunettes might notice a khaki tinge.
Fix it: “Rinse your hair straight after swimming,” advises David. “Apply a conditioner prior to swimming to block the minerals from the chlorine depositing on your hair, and for maximum protection, wear a swimming cap. If hair is already green, use a deep cleansing shampoo to help remove mineral deposits, and follow with conditioner.”
Try: Aveda Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser, $39.95
Joico Daily Care Balancing Conditioner, $26.95

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