Kindergarten starts toy gun licence program

The program began after children showed an interest in guns.

A Queensland kindergarten has implemented a toy gun licence program after children began showing an interest in guns.

Speaking to ABC News, director of the Kilkivan Kindergarten, Anne Bicknell, said the move comes as many children live on farms with guns.

Rather than ban toy guns altogether, Bicknell said they chose to teach the children about ‘responsible play.’

Bicknell explained, ‘They [the children] have a series of questions they have to answer when they apply for their licence, which basically means they say “Yes, I would like to bring a gun to kindy and I agree to play by the safe play rules”.’

‘Once they can answer those questions and they know that if they break the rules with the guns, or they shoot at people, the guns will be put away for the day, and once they understand that we actually issue them with a license with a photo on it,’ she said. 

The rules are as follows:

  • Guns are to be kept locked in the ‘gun cabinet’.
  • When they want to play with their toy gun, children must get their licence and ask for permission.
  • Children are not allowed to share their guns.

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