Jules Sebastian’s simple, fast, and effective skincare routine

She's sharing all her secrets!
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A TV presenter, stylist, public speaker, author, philanthropist, mum-of-two and wife to Guy Sebastian; Jules Sebastian is a woman who knows how to get things done.

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With credentials like those, it’s safe to assume that Jules has a rather jam-packed schedule, but in an exclusive chat with New Idea, she reveals that dedicating some time for herself, especially to take care of her skin, is non-negotiable.

“I am passionate about my skin and making sure I give it what it needs,” she tells us. “I really try to stick to [my skincare routine] every morning, every night – I just get it done!”

That’s why despite her busy schedule, Jules’ skincare routine “never really changes”, and she commits to it every single day.

jules sebastian skincare
Jules is sharing all her skincare secrets. (Credit: Supplied)

“Every day I cleanse, moisturise (an absolute MUST), apply serum, and then for the cherry on top – eye cream…(which, let’s face, these tired eyes need more than ever these days!)” she says.

As a mum-of-two who is currently home schooling, most days there isn’t much time left over for Jules to spare for her skin, which is why she needs the products she uses to be “simple, fast, and effective.”

“Olay’s Regenerist Collagen Peptide 24 Range is my go-to when it comes to quick and effective skincare products,” she says.

The collection includes a moisturiser, serum and eye cream, and Jules isn’t the only one in her household who’s a fan of the products.

“Guy does love a good moisturiser, and I have noticed my eye cream diminishing faster than usual…” she quips.

jules guy sebastian family
Jules and Guy share two kids together. (Credit: Instagram)

The 41-year-old has been an avid user of popular skincare brand Olay over the years, and is now an official Ambassador.

“I have enjoyed getting to know the products more and the actual innovation and science behind them,” she says.

And, like many who have dabbled in skincare, Jules’ routine has evolved over the years, where she explains she’s currently “very aware” of the ageing process.

“For me it’s about ageing gracefully and working with what I already have,” she says. “Having a good skincare routine helps enhance what I’ve got! I’m happy to try new things.”

jules sebastian dog
“Having a good skincare routine helps enhance what I’ve got!” (Credit: Instagram)

In addition to what she “puts on the outside”, Jules also works from the inside out, which includes drinking lots of water and keeping her mental health solid – “the soul work” as she describes.

“I think that everything comes out in your skin – sleep, stress, anxiety, the food we eat,” she says.

“If you keep these internal things aligned, plus a great skin care routine, you’re onto something good.”

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