How to get a red-carpet ready smile

Bright, white and 100 per cent beautiful!
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There’s nothing quite so lovely as a bright white smile.

But how to get one if yours isn’t quite up to scratch?

Never fear – we have a few tips and tricks that will get you there.

Get ready for the smile of your dreams to become reality!

TIP ONE: Eat celery.

Chewing celery helps in producing more saliva in your mouth which prevents plaque acids. Eating celery once a week can help keep your teeth naturally clean on top of brushing, says Dr Giulia D’Anna, founder of iDental.

TIP TWO: Use a water flosser.

Water flossers are great for people who have difficulty cleaning between their teeth, says Dr D’Anna.

Older people with arthritis, big hands and little mouths or teenagers with braces can struggle to clean between the teeth. Water flossers are like a high pressure water cleaner for teeth, blasting debris and plaque out of there.

Lipstick kiss
Kisses are better with a killer smile. (Image: Instagram/@Maarkslip)

TIP THREE: Avoid sparkling water.

It may not look harmful, but sparkling water tends to have a pH level of between 2.74 and 3.34. This gives it an even greater erosive potential than orange juice, says Dr D’Anna.

TIP FOUR: Go easy on tea.

Tea stains teeth more than coffee. Both black tea and green tea in particular, are loaded with tannins, which are the culprit, says Dr D’Anna. These stains usually sit on the surface and can be removed by the dentist.

Dairy food
Dairy good! Especially for teeth. (Image: Getty.)

TIP FIVE: Don’t chew ice.

Many people habitually chew on ice, especially during the summer months. That’s when our office can be crowded with patients suffering from gum injuries and broken teeth, says Dr D’Anna.

“Chewing on ice is the most common form of pica and is called pagophagia,” she says.

“Compulsive ice chewing is increasingly considered to be a symptom of anaemia, particularly iron deficiency anaemia. So it might be wise to get your health checked by your GP.”

TIP SIX: Eat dairy foods.

Calcium is a key component for building strong bones and milk products are loaded with it, says Dr D’Anna. According to Nutrition Australia, milk and dairy products such as cheeses can actually reduce tooth decay as well.

“Not only do they contain calcium and phosphorus, but also proteins called caseins, which combine together to form a protective film on the enamel – or the surface of your teeth,” says Dr D’Anna, whose clinic is staffed by women only.

“This coating helps to prevent your teeth from incurring decay caused by common bacterial acids. Calcium and phosphorus are both minerals that strengthen and repair tooth enamel that has started to dissolve due to these acid attacks.”

Maarks Lipsticks
Maarks Lipsticks – perfect shades you can personalise. (Image: Instagram/@Maarkslip)

TIP SEVEN: Wear red lipstick.

This hack is not from Dr D’Anna but from us. Nothing makes your teeth look more bright and beautiful than a perfect pout sporting a classic red lipstick.

Our current favourites include RedCosmetica Lipstick in AG1, $36. This gorgeous true red has a long-lasting gloss finish and it makes your teeth look pearly and perfect. Oh – and one other thing … this particular brand is named so that you can select your perfect shade without any effort at all. For example, AG1 stands for ‘All’ and ‘Gloss’ so you know it works on everyone and that it has a gloss finish.

We also love MAARKS Lipstick in Rouge, $29.

This lipstick is beautiful – the shade is heaven and the texture too. Plus, you have the option of getting your initials embossed on the lipstick case itself.

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