Choose these foods to stay healthy in the food court

It's not as limiting as you think!
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1. Fresh Rice Paper Rolls

Vietnamese rice paper rolls 
are packed with vegies, fresh herbs and a protein element such as prawns, or chicken. Skip dipping sauces, which are often high in salt and sugar.

2. Souvlaki

Packed full of vegies and meat, a souvlaki can be a healthy option. Choose chicken over pork, ask for it without the large pita wrap and don’t forget to swap the side 
of chips for a Greek salad.

3. Breakfast for lunch

You can’t go wrong with eggs on wholemeal toast – just hold the side 
of bacon and add avocado for good monounsaturated fatty acids.

4. Sashimi
Probably one of the best options available in the food court, this lunch is full of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. 

5. Mexican burrito bowl

Note the all-important word ‘bowl’, which is a burrito minus the wrap. This is a protein-rich lunch, and if 
you go easy on the sour cream, cheese and guacamole, 
it will be 
a low-fat option.

6. Grilled fish and salad

This is a much better option than its beer-battered friend. You could even choose grilled calamari or prawns for a low-kilojoule, protein-packed lunch. 

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