Your Guide To Finding the 10 Best Engagement Rings In Melbourne

The love of your life can’t say no to these beautiful engagement rings!
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A marriage proposal is a milestone you’ll want to remember forever, but finding the perfect engagement ring can be stressful! The love of your life deserves only the best, so which designs should you go with? Do you have to make an extravagant gesture to prove how much they mean to you? Don’t worry, we’ll answer all your questions and show you where to buy unique engagement rings in Melbourne!

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Finding ‘The One’

Nothing says I love you like hand-picked and personalised rings! But if you want to make things even more special, finding a heartwarming symbol of your commitment to the relationship is the key to success. You also want something that reflects your lover’s personality and style so they can proudly show it off to the world. Luckily, there are tons of jewellery designers out there that can help you create a one-of-a-kind ring for your other half!

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Shopping For Rings

If the three-month salary rule sounds scary, then you can rest easy knowing that there are lots of affordable and beautiful rings that you can buy on a budget. If you’re looking at the usual metal bands and diamond rings, you can expect to shell out between $AUD1000 to $AUD3000. For more luxurious choices, get ready to spend more than $AUD5000 depending on what materials you choose to embellish them with. Here are the different rings you can buy in jewellery stores to help you get the ‘happily ever after’ you deserve:

  • Ready-to-wear – you can walk into a jewellery shop and pick a design right off the shelf.
  • Customised – have a unique piece made with engravings, special stones, and custom bands.
  • Vintage – buy an antique ring to commemorate your timeless love with a piece of history.
An engagement ring in a case
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The 10 Best Engagement Rings In Melbourne

Believe it or not, you can pop the question without breaking the bank! But if you wanna go for broke, a proposal is the perfect time to do it. From basic bling to luxury pieces and everything in between, we’ve compiled the best engagement rings in Melbourne that will leave you and your future-spouse sparkling with delight!

10. All Diamonds Elsternwick

Looking for genuine diamonds at a low price point? This store has some of the cheapest rings on the market without compromising on quality. You can find every cut imaginable and all the bands are customisable!

Ring Details: Stella round brilliant cut diamond with a white gold band

Price: $AUD1550


9. Franco Jewellers

With over 50 years of expertise, Franco specialises in crafting bespoke custom designs for his clients. You’ll find an array of styles, cuts, and stones for the engagement ring of your dreams!

Ring Details: 18CT white gold round brilliant cut diamond ring with a soft knife edge band

Price: $AUD2995


8. Klepner’s Antique Jewellery

Remind your spouse-to-be that your love will stand the test of time with beautiful fine antique rings! Klepner’s gives you the freedom to alter their authentic works of art to make them your own.

Ring Details: Antique Edwardian sapphire & diamond bridge ring with a golden band

Price: $AUD3850


7. Cullen Moissanite

Handcrafted with care, these made-to-order rings are made from one of the rarest minerals found in nature. They’re eco-friendly, valuable, and durable, plus they’ve got a lifetime warranty to guarantee it lasts forever!

Ring Details: 18K yellow gold oval solitaire with a yellow gold band

Price: $AUD2870


6. Trewarne Fine Jewellery

Travis Trewarne builds custom engagement rings with the highest-grade diamonds on earth: the ‘Hearts on Fire’ cut. This award-winning store has intricate designs and luxurious wedding rings fit for a true goddess!

Ring Details: Tyche goddess pear cut & pink diamond ring with a diamond band

Price: $AUD39900


5. Joseph George Jewellery

Whether you’re looking for modern, classic, or contemporary rings, Joseph George has an elegant selection at reasonable prices! They also have a lot of men’s rings with cool designs.

Ring Details: Timothea Radiant cut diamond with rose gold band

Price: $AUD1880


4. Ellissi Jewellery

Jeweller Ian Murray is passionate about providing top-notch engagement rings with the best value for your money! Ian involves his clients in the processes of creating the rings to get all your requests just right.

Ring Details: Cushion diamond 18CT gold handmade solitaire ring with a yellow gold band

Price: Call (03) 9662 1408 to enquire


3. Bevilles Jewellers

From simple rings to bejewelled beauties, Bevilles has something for everyone! While some of their products are only available in-store, most of their rings are available for shipping nationwide.

Ring Details: Love by Michelle Beville double halo oval solitaire ring with 1.25ct diamonds and 18ct white gold

Price: $AUD3999


2. Rose & Crown Jewellers

Looking for more than just sparkles? The artisan jewellers of Rose & Crown will make your wishes come true with their rich attention to details! You’ll love their art deco designs and modern, minimalist touches on traditional rings.

Ring Details: Signature wedding band in 925 sterling silver

Price: email [email protected] to enquire


1. Michael Hill Jeweller

This is your one-stop-shop for all your jewellery essentials – including all the rings you could ever want. Michael Hill gives everyone access to the finer things in life, but you can also find premium designs if you want to splurge in the name of love! As a bonus, they also provide financial help if you can’t pay upfront.

Ring Details: Southern Star engagement ring with 0.85 diamond carats with 14ct yellow & white gold band

Price: $AUD8299


Let The Sparkles Fly

Now that you’ve seen all the best engagement and wedding rings in Melbourne, you’re all set to pop the big question! Proposing is all about declaring your love, so put as much thought as you can into your engagement ring. It’s now or never, so get out there and put a ring on it!

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