This brand new anti-ageing treatment is a game-changer

Speedy, pain-free and damn effective!
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Hit a certain age and skin starts to show a few signs of maturity.

You know what I’m talking about – fine lines, wrinkles, a slight crepe-like texture to the neck. 

It’s not pretty, but that’s life.

Maybe that doesn’t concern you at all. But if it does, you’ll be delighted to hear about a brand new treatment that will bring you dewy, hydrated, beautiful skin and incredibly quickly too.

The treatment, which many practitioners refer to as the Beauty Booster, goes a little like this …

After your face is numbed with anaesthetic cream a skincare specialist will sweep your face with a Dermastamp – that’s an electronic medical device with 18 needles that delivers up to 3200 micro punctures a minute.

Let’s read that again shall we – that’s 3200 micro punctures a minute!

Ouch, you’re thinking, but these punctures are in fact teeny tiny and thanks to the numbing cream you barely feel them. I promise.

Old-fashioned filler injections utilise one needle that fills one area. (Image: Getty.)

These baby injections deliver powerful Hyaluronic Acid (the stuff that plumps skin making it look dewy and fresh) combined with vital nutrients and vitamins all of which are known to rejuvenate skin and in a noticeable fashion.

Dr Jeremy Cumpston, of Ageless Clinics, is a fan of the treatment saying his clients get phenomenal results.

“It’s quick and it’s virtually pain free and yet it gives great results,” says Dr Cumpston.

He also likes the fact it can be used on the neck and decolletage – notoriously difficult areas to rejuvenate.

Woman with freckles
Skin the glows – you can have it! (Image: Instagram/@Thelaserlounge)

Results can be seen instantly but two to three sessions will ensure you’re looking absolutely beautiful and youthful too, but most of all natural.

This is because unlike traditional fillers, which are injected into a specific area such as hollows under the eyes, Beauty Booster injections are evenly spread over a much larger area such as the face or neck. The idea here is that skin is deeply hydrated rather than ‘filled’ per se.

This results in skin that is less creased and lined and becomes more dewy-looking and supple, according to the Laser Lounge, which also offers the treatment.

The treatment is impressive but it’s not cheap. Prices vary depending on who carries out the treatment and how many areas you have treated but expect to spend about $800 for a full face.

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