5 steps to your most radiant skin yet

Cut cost at the beauty counter with this clever skincare guide

You don’t have to break the bank! These essential steps (and products) are all you need to combat ageing and keep your skin glowing…

Step One: 
Cleanse AND Slough
Cleansing and exfoliating paves the way for the absorption of treatment products. Choose a cleanser that’s gentle, will melt away stubborn make-up and has an exfoliating ingredient, such as enzymes or AHAs, in its formula.

Step Two: Masks
Include two masks into your regimen – one that removes deep impurities and one that infuses moisture and anti-ageing ingredients. Use each as needed, up to three times a week.

Step Three: Eye Cream
The skin around your eyes requires a light cream. Using a facial moisturiser can lead to small, white bumps around lids (milia) and can cause make-up to run (hello, panda eyes!).

Step Four: 
Day AND Night Cream Day creams often include sunscreens and antioxidants to protect against environmental aggressors. Night creams contain ingredients that support your skin’s overnight repair processes. If your skin is a little lacklustre, you may wish to splurge and buy both. If not, or you don’t want to shell out for two separate creams, a two-in-one day/night cream works well.

Step Five: Sunscreen
Sunscreen is essential to protect against ageing and skin cancer. There’s no need to layer it 
on before make-up – choose a foundation formula with maximum SPF protection that will cover flaws and make your skin glow.

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