5 blush mistakes we all make

Get it right and it can drop 5 years, but get it wrong and it can be distracting.
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Blush is one of those tricky makeup products to get right. When you do, it adds life and warmth to your face after you’ve applied foundation, says makeup artist Melanie Burnicle (Natalie Bassingthwaite, Sophie Monk)  But get it wrong and, well, it’s not doing the magical job of giving you cheekbones.

Here’s what to avoid:

1. In the wrong spot: To keep a youthful look we need to ensure our makeup is keeping the appearance of our features uplifted. Don’t place your blush where it will drag your face down. This will vary from face to face but a good place to start is on the upper side of the cheekbone side closest to the hairline and apply  ¾ on to the length of the cheekbone rather than all the way to the end.

2. Using blush as a contour:  This can work but only in the right shades, darker than your foundation and it needs to be matte. A shimmering blush as a contour means you are highlighting under the cheekbone which defeats the purpose. This is something I notice a lot.

3. Not enough blending: Regardless of using a tint, powder or cream blush place the product in the middle of where you would like it and blend outwards. Small circular motions will do the trick. You want to avoid any harsh lines.

4. Too much blush: Too big a brush, too much product and in all the wrong places! It’s best to use a smaller brush. I love this setting brush as it’s tapered.  I generally work with the brush on a side angle and the tapered brush does the blending for me!

Real Techniques Setting Brush, $16.99, 

blush brush
(Credit: supplied)

5. Too much shimmer: Wrinkles and lines around the eye area that are more prominent and follow through to the upper cheekbone will be highlighted if you are using a high-shimmer blush. Look for a matte blush or a sheen formulation. A sheen will have a glow but less metallic and strong shimmering pigments, so it’s a great option.

Melanie’s top 3 buys 

  1. Cream blush : Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Moon Beach, $55,
CT blush
(Credit: supplied)
  1. Powder blush: Glo Minerals Skin Beauty Blush, $39, 
glo minerals
(Credit: supplied)
  1. Cheek stain: Benefit benetint cheek and lip stain, $55,
(Credit: supplied)

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