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Save over $100 with these sales on food processors

Save on money and time spent in the kitchen with these hot deals.

Have your kitchen appliances taken over the kitchen cupboards? With a food processor, there is no need to have a million different single-purpose machines. Designed with efficiency in mind, the food processor does it all, from dicing to slicing, needing, mixing and so much more.

Whether you prefer preparing meals ahead of time or cooking something fresh each night, the food processor is guaranteed to cut back on your time spent in the kitchen. So, with Amazon Prime Day fast approaching, and opportunities for savings to be made on kitchen appliances, there is no better time than now to start planning for the big day.

Though we can’t guarantee which food processors will be fashioning the Prime Day badge, we can sit tight and cross our fingers that these six top-rated food processes will make it to the sale. For those who simply can’t wait any longer, making the leap and shopping current sales on food processors is recommended!

2024’s top food processors

  1. Ninja professional food processor, $139 (usually $249.99), Amazon (here’s why)
  2. The paradice 6, $549, Breville (here’s why)
  3. Russell Hobbs desire food processor, $99 (usually $119.95), Amazon (here’s why)

The best food processors in 2024


Ninja professional food processor

$139 (usually $249.99) at Amazon

This next-generation food processor from Ninja allows you to create anything from desserts to dough, salads and sauces in a flash. Plus with auto-iQ technology, the automatic one-touch food preparation program does all of the work for you, providing consistently chopped food with every use.

Key features:

  • Auto-iQ technology
  • High quality stainless steel blades
  • Six attachments included
  • 2.1L capacity
  • 850W power


The paradice 6

$549 at Breville

Known for reliable appliances, Breville continues to surprise, this time with an integrated storage solution housing all the additional slicing and needed accessories. Combining performance with precision, this small but mighty food processor is ideal for the avid home chef.

Key features:

  • Onboard storage solution
  • 120mm feed chute
  • 9 cup capacity
  • Ultra durable BPA free bowl and lid
  • 30-year warranty


Russell Hobbs desire food processor

$99 (usually $119.95) at Amazon

Short on space? This food processor combines the best of both worlds all within one unit. Whether you are in need of a quick-cutting solution, or a blending machine this unit is your one-stop shop.

Key features:

  • Five attachment varieties
  • Two speed settings with pulse function
  • 1.5L bowl capacity
  • Dishwasher safe bowl and parts
  • 600W power


Kentwood multipro express

$199 (usually $259) at Amazon

Hassle-free homemade dishes are the aim of the game at Kentwood. This all-in-one solution is designed with all the necessary bibs and bobs for you to prepare the culinary creation of your dreams.

Key features:

  • Includes nine processing tools
  • 1.5L blender
  • 3L bowl
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 1000W power


Kentwood multipro express plus

$348 (usually $459) at Amazon

For those who know their way around the kitchen a little better than the average cook, then the Kentwood multipro express plus is the food processor for you. Fitted with an express weighing system, cooking large batches of your favourite meals will have never been so simple.

Key features:

  • Includes 11 attachments
  • 1.5L thermo-resistant glass container
  • Integrated digital weighing scales
  • 1000W motor


Cuisinart mini prep processor

$89 (usually $110) at Amazon

Perfectly sized for smaller quantities, this mini prep processor from Cuisinart is the solution for serving up single-sized meals with minimal washing up.

Key features:

  • Two way blade rotation
  • Three cup capacity
  • 250W power
  • High grade stainless steel blade

Is a food processor worth buying?

If time-saving was the only benefit to come out of purchasing a food processor, then we would still recommend it as a worthy decision. Lucky for you, however, the benefits of owning one of these machines far exceed the joys of reduced time spent in the kitchen. Designed with various methods of food preparation in mind, these appliances go above and beyond, creating perfectly cut vegetables, and incredibly smooth blends with every use. Come your next dinner party, guests will be left wondering how you did it.

Is a blender the same as a food processor?

The standard blender and food processor offer very different experiences in the kitchen. Great for mixing together a spread, or preparing a cocktail, the blender certainly has a place, however, these appliances do not have the same capacity as the food processor. Designed with a much larger bowl and with a variety of attachments, the food processor does everything the blender does and more.

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