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Banish the chill: 8 top-rated heaters for a toasty Aussie winter

Stay snug as a bug on those chilly nights.

As the crisp chill of autumn settles in and winter looms on the horizon, the mornings and evenings have started to feel a tad chilly in many parts of Australia.

To combat the cool down and stay warm indoors, many of us turn to our trusty heaters. But with a whole heap of heating options available, choosing the best heater can be daunting. Whether you’re looking to cosy up a small room, a study, or efficiently heat a larger space, the choices can feel (and sometimes are) endless.

Thankfully, we’ve done the legwork to bring you our definitive guide to the best heaters on the market. We’ll explore features like timers and thermostats for even heat distribution, while uncovering the most efficient models to keep your energy bills low (because, cost of living, right?)

The 8 best heaters to shop in Australia 2024

Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and get ready to discover the ideal heater for a truly toasty Aussie winter!

The best electric heaters in Australia

Electric heaters are a great option for heating your home because they’re efficient, easy to use and versatile. Unlike traditional heating systems, electric heaters can be easily moved from room to room, providing warmth exactly where you need it. They’re also quick to heat up, offering almost instant comfort on chilly days.

DeLonghi 2400W Convection Heater with Timer
(Credit: The Good Guys)

DeLonghi 2400W convection heater with timer

$159 at The Good Guys

The DeLonghi 2400W heater has a reputation for heating small to medium rooms in no time at all. This stylish and portable heater offers wall mounting for flexibility, and has carry handles for easy transportation. Featuring a timer and safety functions like tip-over shut-off, it prioritises both comfort and peace of mind.

“When our central heating had an issue recently, we made this quick purchase and were not disappointed,” wrote a five-star reviewer. “It heated the lounge dining area, and filtered through to the main bedroom so we were comfortable on what would have otherwise been a very cold night.”

Key features:

  • Slim style design
  • Three power settings for temperature level
  • 24-hour timer
  • Ergonomic rotary switches
  • Room thermostat to set and automatically keep the desired temperature

Also available at:


Kambrook 2400W Upright Fan Heater
(Credit: The Good Guys)

Kambrook 2400W upright fan heater

$95 at The Good Guys

Great for those seeking a stylish and functional heater/fan combo for medium to large spaces, this heater by Kambrook has both heating and cooling functions in a sleek design.

Key features:

  • Heats medium to large rooms effectively
  • Two heat settings and fan
  • Oscillating function circulates warm or cool air throughout the room
  • Portable and adjustable
  • Tip-over cut-off switch ensures safe operation
  • One-year warranty


The best gas heaters in Australia

Gas heaters are a top choice for heating your home thanks to their reliability, efficiency and rapid heat output. They offer continuous warmth, even during power outages and are cost-effective, with natural gas sometimes being more affordable than electricity.

Rinnai Dynamo Natural Gas Heater
(Credit: Bing Lee)

Rinnai Dynamo natural gas heater

$1379 at Bing Lee

Tired of waking up to a frosty bedroom or battling the cold evenings? The Rinnai Dynamo gas heater will help you banish the winter chills for good. This feature-packed heater boasts efficient heating and smart functionality to keep you cosy all season long.

Key features:

  • Dual timers for morning and evening schedules
  • Works with both natural gas and LPG
  • Low emission technology for clean heating
  • Heats medium-sized rooms efficiently (up to 635 sq ft)
  • Includes remote control

Also available at:


Omega Altise Unflued Natural Gas Convector Heater
(Credit: Appliances Online)

Omega Altise unflued natural gas convector heater

$1146 at Appliances Online

Craving toasty comfort on chilly nights? Look no further than the Omega Altise gas heater. This powerful heater has impressive features to keep your entire home (up to 97sqm!) warm and inviting.

Key features:

  • 5.8 star energy rating
  • 24-hour timer
  • Sleek touch glass panel and remote
  • Tip-over safety switch
  • Flame-failure shut-off cuts off gas supply if flame extinguishes

Also available at:


The best reverse cycle air conditioners in Australia

Reverse cycle air conditioners are energy-efficient, cost-effective and provide consistent warmth. By extracting heat from the outside air and transferring it indoors, they offer efficient heating, even in cold weather. Plus, they can double as cooling units in summer.

Fujitsu Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner
(Credit: The Good Guys)

Fujitsu reverse cycle split system

$2199 at The Good Guys

The Fujitsu reverse cycle AC tackles both chilly winters and scorching summers. This powerful system has features that keep large living spaces comfortable year-round, as well as Human Sensor technology to detect whether there are people in the room (and adjusting the temperature accordingly).

One five-star reviewer said it works even better than expected, adding: “It is quiet, and it warms up our living room with kitchen and meal area in a minute. Three bedrooms doors open as well, and temperature in whole house is pleasant and wonderful. We used ducted heating till now, but no going back for us. Can’t wait till we can use it for cooling this summer as well.”

Key features:

  • Powerful cooling (7.1kW) and heating (8.0kW)
  • Energy-saving modes
  • Quiet operation (as low as 49 dBA)
  • Advanced air filtration
  • Stylish design


Kelvinator Split System Reverse Cycle Inverter Air Conditioner
(Credit: Appliances Online)

Kelvinator 3.5kW split system reverse cycle inverter air conditioner

$976 (usually $1399) at Appliances Online

Stay comfy and cosy with the Kelvinator 3.5kW split system air conditioner. This sleek unit is perfect for small rooms and studies, delivering efficient cooling and heating with inverter technology to save on your energy bills.

Key features:

  • HEPA and ion filters capture dust, bacteria and odours for cleaner, healthier air
  • Sleep mode maintains a comfortable temperature while saving energy
  • Smart features for effortless control
  • 24-hour timer
  • Auto air swing ensures even distribution of cool or warm air
  • Five-year warranty

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The best electric fireplaces in Australia

Electric fireplaces are an excellent heating option because they are easy to install, cost-effective and give you instant warmth with the flick of a switch. They offer the cosy ambiance of a traditional fireplace without the hassle of maintenance or chimney cleaning!

Dimplex Kansas Optiflame Electric Fire
(Credit: Amazon)

Dimplex Kansas Optiflame inset electric fire

$610.23 at Amazon

Bring a touch of yesteryear to your home with the Dimplex Kansas electric fire. This stylish inset fireplace boasts a classic brass design that complements both traditional and modern décor.

“Wow this fire is just beautiful,” said a reviewer who left five stars. “Came solidly packaged and slotted right into my fireplace. The flame on its own just to create a nice focal point works well, and the fan heater in two settings is good for when it’s colder. Love it!!”

Key features:

  • Over 300 five-star ratings on Amazon
  • Realistic flame effect powered by energy-saving LED lights
  • 2kW heater gives a heat boost when needed, with two settings for customisable comfort
  • The flame effect can operate independently from the heater, letting you enjoy a cosy atmosphere year-round
  • Thermostatic control
  • Easy installation


EWT 1.2kW Dinky Mini Electric Fire
(Credit: The Good Guys)

EWT 1.2kW Dinky mini electric fire

$189 at The Good Guys

Looking for a compact way to create warmth and ambiance? This small but mighty fireplace packs a punch and is perfect for small rooms like bedrooms or studies.

Key features:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Realistic flame effect creates a cosy atmosphere with flickering flames
  • Two heat settings
  • Cool-touch exterior prevents burns and plugs in for easy operation
  • One-year warranty


Which type of heater is cheapest to run in Australia?

In Australia, electric heaters are generally the cheapest to run, particularly if you have access to off-peak electricity rates. They are highly efficient and cost-effective, giving you precise control over heating settings and minimal energy wastage.

With advancements in technology, modern electric heaters are also designed to provide warmth while consuming minimal electricity, making them a budget-friendly option for heating your home.

What kind of heater heats a room the best?

For heating a room effectively, reverse cycle air conditioners are often considered the best option. They provide consistent warmth throughout the space by extracting heat from the outside air and transferring it indoors, ensuring even distribution of heat.

They also have adjustable settings and precise temperature control, letting you adjust the heating to your own needs.

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