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New Year’s decluttering tips from Australia’s first KonMari Coach

Marie Kondo your house this New Year's!
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At the turn of every new year, we can often expect a vast new list of resolutions. With health-related goals often gaining top priority, organisation and de-cluttering often act as secondary New Year’s rituals.

As the minute switches from 11:59pm 12:00am on January 1, it can often feel like the previous year’s slate has been wiped clean. And what better way to celebrate this ‘fresh start’ than a clean and organised space?

WATCH: Marie Kondo’s genius folding method. Article continues after video.

For people like Marie Kondo, founder of the KonMari Method (which pioneered the phrase, ‘does it spark joy?’) and all-round organisation boss, this task may be easy – daily even. But for the average person, keeping on top of cleaning and organisation can be extremely hard. Especially when it feels overwhelming to start.
Kick your New Year’s goals with these tidying tips. (Credit: Getty)

According to Master KonMari Coach and Luxo Living Amabassador, Sally Flower, “The KonMari Method® is a revolutionary Japanese approach to simplifying, organising, and storing our belongings and lives,” which is “based on finding joy and letting go of what is no longer serving us,” and “surrounding yourself with objects that light you up.”

“When tidying using this method, we define what joy means, and declutter in categories until we are left with only those things which spark joy,” Flower says.

Trained by Marie Kondo herself, Flower is the first Australian KonMari Coach. And, as informed by her KonMari-centric musings, we’ve compiled the best tips to get on top of your New Year’s organisation goals.

Master KonMari Coach and Luxo Living Ambassador, Sally Flower. (Credit: Luxo Living)

To start the actual decluttering process itself, Flower recommends working in three phases.

Get clear

Before commencing the physical work itself, Flower says to clearly define the goals you’re working towards.

While it can be tempting to start the hard work straight away, decluttering without a sake or purpose can be useless. Make sure to ask yourself why you partaking in this process.

“Focus not on the joy of throwing away, this is a very unsustainable way to declutter, but instead, celebrate the clear spaces, multi-use pieces and clarity you create in your home.”

Work in categories

Once you have defined why you want to adopt a more organised lifestyle, it is time to work through every category of item in your home.

Working in categories allows for a more thorough approach.

So, don’t just stop at the clothes, check off every item by asking yourself it “aligns with your New Year’s focus.”

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While one can often fall into the trap of categorising items as ‘useful’ or ‘not useful’, Flower recommends taking a less ‘black and white’ approach.

“Drop the usefulness and focus on joy & the joy you get from the things you have. Sure, you don’t have to love a spatula, but you can love the cakes and the simplicity of cooking with it. Less brain more heart.”

“Once decluttered set up your home in a way that makes it easy to access and use everything you have,” Flower says.

Change the way you purchase

An in-depth clean can be an eye-opening experience. While making you aware of your purchasing habits, the process can also kickstart a change to the way you purchase items in the future.

While you can take inspiration from trends, Flower says, “Consider every purchase. Take only what you need and respect earth’s limited resources by loving and using every item you own.”

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This allows makes room for more savings, intentional shopping, and less over-consumption.


Much like the resolutions we tend to make every year, maintaining our new sense of purpose can be challenging as the months go past.

To combat this, and preserve your newfound sense organisation, Flower says to prioritise mindfulness.

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Keeping a sense of introspection throughout the year can be a useful tool when it comes to promoting behaviour change.

Take your time

One of the most important things to consider before embarking on your de-cluttering journey the amount of pressure you place on yourself.

“It will take longer than a few days over the holiday break to create your ideal home. There is no quick fix when it comes to a life-changing way of living. And reach out for support when you need it, tidying is a learned skill,” Flower says.

So, make sure to not be too hard on yourself!

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Now to Love.

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