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How to make the lead-up to Christmas as stress free as possible

All is calm, all is bright.
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Christmas is all about taking the time to unwind and create memories with loved ones.

But, it can also be one of the most chaotic and busy times of the year.

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To make sure you stay calm through the festive frenzy, declutter coach Bridget Johns from Be Simply Free (besimplyfree.com.au), shares tips on keeping your home organised in the lead-up to the big day.

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Think outside the box when it comes to clutter-free gifting this year. (Credit: Adobe Stock)

Stop, focus, notice

Before you get swept into pre-Christmas stress, take a moment to identify areas that may need a bit of work.

“Focus on what caused you stress last Christmas or anxiety in a particular area of your home throughout the year,” Bridget suggests. “Is it that laundry cupboard where everything falls out when you open the door? The kids’ playroom?”

To reduce stress and clear mess, Bridget recommends the one-per-cent rule: setting aside a small portion of your day to declutter an area.

“Find one per cent of your day – which is less than 15 minutes – and just start!” she advises.

Save big bucks on your festive shopping bill by organising your kitchen first. (Credit: Adobe Stock)

Prioritise the kitchen

“The kitchen is the centre of a home and gets messy quickly during the festive season,” says Bridget.

This is where the one-per-cent rule comes in handy. Spending 15 minutes of your day from now until Christmas to keep your kitchen in check will make a huge difference.

An organised fridge and pantry will make compiling your festive shopping list much easier and decrease your chance of doubling up on items.

You never know, sorting through your pantry may even spark inspiration for your Christmas menu!

Talking shop

We all love giving and receiving gifts, but they tend to clutter up the home.

“Start by asking your loved ones what they would like as gifts,” says Bridget.

“This ensures that the presents you give will be appreciated, reducing the chances of unwanted items cluttering your home.”

Taking just 15 minutes a day to clean can make a huge difference. (Credit: Adobe Stock)

Gift an experience

“Opting for experience gifts, such as concert tickets, spa days or cooking classes, offers a unique and clutter-free approach to gifting,” explains Bridget.

“These experiences create lasting memories rather than adding to physical possessions and align with the minimalist trend by leaving no physical footprint after the experience, making them a thoughtful and eco-conscious choice.”

That’s a wrap

If you do choose to purchase presents, there are ways to reduce waste – you just have to get a little bit creative.

“Repurpose children’s old artwork as wrapping paper,” suggests Bridget.

“By using these cherished creations, you’re not only minimising waste but also infuse a personalised touch into your gifts.”

No artwork? No problem – reusable gift wrap or gift bags can help reduce waste and save precious space.

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