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Sleep tight with these soft and silky bed sheets

For a cloud-like slumber you deserve.

With so much division in the world, there’s one thing we can collectively agree on – sleep is awesome. And it’s made even better when accompanied by a comfortable bed.

Soft and silky sheets are universally loved. And for a good reason…who doesn’t want to feel as though they’re sleeping on a cloud?

There’s never been a better time to treat yourself, or a loved one, to some fancy new sheets that will transform a light doze into a deep and blissful slumber.

What is the softest sheet in Australia? 

Well that is a good question, and it comes down to preference mostly. But here are some of the things to look out for if you’re on the hunt for the softest of sheets:

  • Thread count – The thread count of a sheet set is essentially how many horizontal and vertical threads there are per square inch. These can range from 200, all the way to 800. Now, don’t assume the higher the thread count the better the sheets – we recommend looking for sheets between 200 and 400 for optimal softness. 
  • Material – There are many materials to choose from if you’re wanting an extra soft set of sheets for your bedroom. The top picks to look for include cotton, bamboo, flannel, silk or even eucalyptus. However the MVP of soft sheets is Egyptian cotton. 
  • Weave type – The weave is the technique in which your sheets are made, and typically sateen sheets are the ones to look out for. 

We’ve rounded up some our favourites below.

The best bed sheets to shop in Australia 2023 

Selah and Stone Sage Sheet Set
(Credit: Selah + Stone)

100% French flax linen sheet set in sage, $244.95 for queen (usually $349.95) at Selah + Stone

Enjoy a comfortable and cool nights sleep with this French flax seed linen. Not only does this sheet set look amazing, but the highly breathable nature of the natural fibres works to regulate your body temperature throughout the night.


Natural Home rust sheet set
(Credit: Natural Home)

Natural Home Flax Linen Sheet Set in rust, $197.96 for queen (usually $219.95) at Myer

Natural Home linen bedding is made from organically grown European flax and has a unique filtering system reducing allergens. Using environmentally-friendly natural fibres and breathable fabrics, this set can be enjoyed through each season.


Eva Hemp Linen Sheets
(Credit: Eva)

Hemp linen sheets, $240 for queen (usually $270) at Eva

Rest easy with sustainably-made hemp linen. A dreamy balance of snuggly and durable, these sheets are designed to last and are perfect for every season.



Linen sheet set with pillowcases, $490 for queen at Cultiver

A subtle stripe will never go astray, adding a certain je ne sais quoi to the bedroom (no matter the season). This set is made from a breathable 100 per cent European flax that is also sustainable.


(Credit: Ecosa)

Bamboo bedding set, $192 (usually $240) for queen at Ecosa

If you’re after smooth and silky bedding, this 100 per cent organic set is the dream sleep companion for you. Odour-resistant, anti-bacterial and eco-friendly, these sheets are the full package.


(Credit: Sheet Society)

Frankie Flannelette sheets in sage, from $140 for queen at Sheet Society

Made from super soft flannelette, this stylish sage set is great year-round. It’s designed for those with sensitive skin and allergies, as it’s both odour-resistant and hypoallergenic. Not to mention the chic sage colour is particularly trendy and creates a calm about your bedroom. 


(Credit: Sheridan)

1000tc Hotel Luxury sheet set, $549.99 for queen ($439.99 for members) at Sheridan

If you’ve ever left a fancy hotel and mourned the loss of the best night’s sleep you ever had, then you’ll want to try something like Sheridan’s luxury set. With a 1000 thread count, enjoying these hotel-worthy cotton sheets and their smooth sateen weave will deliver an exceptional sleep experience.


(Credit: Canningvale)

Alessia bamboo cotton sheet set, $99.99 for queen (usually $219.99) at Canningvale

With 60 per cent bamboo and 40 per cent cotton, Alessia sure sounds like an ideal sleep companion. Complete with a sateen weave, silky-soft feel, moisture-wicking and odour-resistance, these sheets are the light and breathable way to enjoy a good snooze.


(Credit: Adairs)

Home Republic Luxury Collection 1000TC snow sheet set, $262.49 for queen (usually $349.99) at Adairs

Woven with the finest, premium grade cotton, this 1000 thread count set makes for a soft and blissful night, bringing five-star hotel vibes into the comfort of your own home.


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