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Top 6 diet and fitness books to get you in shape for summer

Must reads!

Summer is almost here! Time to pull out the bikinis and head to the beach. But like most of us, you might feel you need to shed a few kilos beforehand. Here we look at some of the best diet and fitness books soon to be on the shelf, to get you looking summer body ready.

The Hollywood Body Plan

The author David Higgins promises you’ll need just 21 minutes for 21 days to transform your life. Sounds pretty amazing right? David is endorsed by a bunch of celebrities, including Margot Robbie who says: “David put me in my best physical shape and he educated me on stretching, strengthening and nutrition!” If it’s good enough for Margot, then sign us up! Ideal for the time short.

Price: $39.75, Booktopia


The Long Life Plan

Journalist and health and wellness coach Faye James shares age defying recipes, beauty tips and 30-minute Pilates and yoga routines which have helped her stay in shape and feel youthful as a busy 44-year-old mother of two. Her approachable, no nonsense meal plans and practical advice is incredibly accessible and easy-to-follow. Ideal for those who are time short, busy and fed up of dieting.

Price: $35.00, Booktopia, Dymocks and Wheelers

Body Love 

Jessica Alba’s favourite nutritionist Kelly LeVeque offers 88 recipes set to eliminate cravings, mood swings and any other issues surrounding food drama. This book is perfect for comfort eaters and those who find themselves emotionally eating in times of stress.

Price: $21.25, Booktopia


The A-list Diet & Fitness Plan

Renowned Fitness trainer Luke Zocchi offers a 12-week plan, including 100 recipes which can all be cooked and on the table within 20 minutes as well as HIIT 20-minute training sessions that only need to be done three times a week. Perfect for busy people needing a holistic solution.

Price: $30.50, Booktopia


The author Dr Phillippe Tahon promises his book is a ‘therapeutic toolbox to make the pounds melt away’. His easy-to-follow programme teaches you to eat mindfully, intuitively and positively. Perfect that have tried every diet out there and need an alternative solution to weight loss.

Price: $18.80, Booktopia

The Body Brain Diet

New York Times Bestseller Dr Sara Gottfried says her book offers 40 days to a lean, calm, energised and happy self. Ideal for those needing not to just lose weight but giving themselves a bit of an emotional reset as the author helps you deal with what’s going on in your head, as well as body.

Price: $39.75, Booktopia

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