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7 toe separators that will give you the healthiest feet of your life

Wearing toe spacers helps prevent bunions, back issues and other health problems.

If your feet are in constant pain, it could be time to reassess your footwear.

One of the most common causes of foot pain is your shoes – most people wear shoes that are too narrow or too small for their feet. This compresses your toes, changes the shape of your feet and results in serious health problems down the line.

Besides going to a podiatrist (aka a foot doctor), one of the best things you can do for your feet is invest in some toe separators. These devices are a cheap and easy way to relieve foot pain while maintaining proper foot health between appointments.

Here’s our ultimate guide to toe separators – what they are, how to use them and our favourite toe spacers you can buy in Australia.

What are toe separators?

Toe separators (also known as toe spreaders, spacers, or dividers) are contraptions that separate your toes. They prevent your toes from overlapping or getting squished, which keeps your natural foot alignment intact. 

A change in toe alignment isn’t just painful – it can also cause major issues in the long run, such as bunions and even knee and hip problems. Toe separators prevent this from happening – improving your gait, posture, balance and overall health in the process. Plus, using toe separators can make your shoes more comfortable to wear.

Toe separators can be made out of many different materials, like gel, silicone, foam and socks. Each type has its advantages – toe stretcher socks are comfortable and less bulky, silicone or gel types provide more stretch, and foam types are the most affordable and widely available.

How to use toe spacers

When you use toe spacers, it’s important to introduce them slowly into your routine so you don’t overstretch your toes. You can wear the toe separators while lounging around at home or while wearing shoes, but start by using them for 30 minutes to an hour every day. 

Then, once you’re more comfortable, increase the amount of time you wear them. You can even wear them while you’re sleeping! You should feel pain relief almost immediately and experience long-term health benefits with regular use.

A woman's feet with toe spacers
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For bunions, plantar fasciitis and other serious conditions, we still recommend that you consult with a doctor. Toe separators are a great at-home remedy, but they are not meant to replace professional treatment.

The best toe dividers you can buy in Australia 2023

Silicone Toe Spacer
(Credit: Kogan)

2 x silicone toe separators and gel bunion corrector spreaders, $25.99 at Kogan

Your bunions won’t know what hit ’em after a round of wearing these toe spreaders. They’re made from silicone and are designed to reduce toe and foot discomfort.


Dr JK Gel Toe Separators
(Credit: Amazon)

DR JK gel toe separators & toe spreader, $10.99 at Amazon

With over 3000 five-star ratings on Amazon, these toe spreaders have been praised for their budget-friendly price, comfortable feel and ability to soothe sore toes.

“These yoga toe jellies are AMAZING,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “Whenever that big toe joint gets sore…you know…the one that always turns into a bunion…I just slap these babies in and keep them on for an hour or so…While I’m walking around or sitting…Doesn’t matter…And it really stretches out those ligaments. It’s lovely. The pain goes away and I feel like I’m avoiding bunions.”


Scholl Toe Separators
(Credit: Chemist Warehouse)

Scholl toe separators for pain relief and protection, $5 (usually $10.49) at Chemist Warehouse

If you’re looking for immediate relief from pain and soreness between toes, you can’t go past these spacers from Scholl. The soft foam cushions and protects tender areas, while preventing pressure and rubbing. They’re also great for blisters and corns between the toes.


Bunion Silicone Gel Toe Separators
(Credit: Kogan)

Bunion silicone gel corrector elastic toe separator, $11.25 at Kogan

This soft silicone toe separator offers considerable flexibility to fit all toe sizes. It boasts great elasticity and softness, as well as five-hole separation to prevent toes from being squished or rubbed. Plus, it’s designed to relieve pain and discomfort by absorbing shock and pressure.


Yoga Toes For Men
(Credit: Amazon)

Original yoga toes for men, $74.46 at Amazon

These ones may be on the pricier side, but almost 2000 five-star reviewers think they’re worth it.

“I’m so glad I bought these,” said one customer. “If you put them on and they’re uncomfortable – good, you need them! I was starting to develop bunions and had terrible foot pain all the time. I got immediate relief first time use. I’ve been using them for about 6 weeks now and my foot pain is nearly gone and my bunions are already starting to correct. These are great for a really deep stretch and do more than regular toe spacers alone.”


Synxgeli Big Toe Spreader
(Credit: Chemist Warehouse)

Synxgeli big toe separator, $9.99 (usually $10.99) at Chemist Warehouse

Sometimes you only need a spacer for a couple of toes, which is where this big toe separator comes in. It has been specifically designed to separate the first and second toes, reducing friction, pressure and corn and callus formation. If you want to separate the fourth and fifth toes, you can also grab a little toe spreader for $8.49.


The Toe Spacer 2.0
(Credit: The WOD Life)

The Toe Spacer 2.0, $44 at The WOD Life

The Toe Spacer 2.0 is designed without the pinky strap, allowing your fifth toe to freely move while encouraging better range when pivoting. Wearing these spacers for as little as 10 minutes per day can help improve foot mobility and repair damage from wearing narrow toe box shoes.


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