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Get fit fast with these new health gadgets

Welcome to fitness 2.0

Your New Year’s resolution has fallen through, your active wear has become ‘lounge wear’ and right now you’re feeling more like the Michelin Man than Michelle Bridges. Sound familiar? Fear not. We’ve narrowed down the best gadgets in the biz to ignite your inner gym junkie…  or at least look the part.

Fitness Apps

Nothing kills your confidence more than the watchful glare of a cluster of yogis’ or the intimidating grunt of a CrossFit enthusiast. Avoid expensive gym memberships, with personalised fitness apps and nail your fitness goals in the comfort of your own home. With a huge range on the market, we recommend ‘Centr,’ the latest health app launched by Chris Hemsworth. The app offers curated daily workouts (self-guided or coached), cooking demos and meal plans from experts he’s worked closely with, including renowned Biggest Loser PT, Tiffiny Hall. The app’s pricing is $20 for one month, $47.99 for three months and $119.99 for a year. Disclaimer: Chris Hemsworth is not included in subscription fee.

WATCH: Tiffiny Hall discusses partnering with Chris Hemsworth.

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Smart Watches

They’ve absorbed the attention of mums at school pick up and interrupting your dentist as he leans in for your routine check up. So what’s the big deal with smart watches and why should you be coveting one?

Like it or not, it is now socially acceptable to sport a smart watch, at the gym or otherwise. Once seen as an overpriced pedometer, the smart watch is making moves for your wrist, as the latest and greatest health accessory on the market . Not only does it provide great metrics, advice and feedback about your health including sleep patterns, step count, heart rate monitoring and movement reminders, but it acts as a personalised fitness coach.

One of the biggest excuses for not exercising is the lack of time in a demanding schedule. To help combat time deficiency, smart accessories, including the latest Fitbit Inspire, offer’s short, easy exercises to guide you into health habits that will get you moving in the best way for your ability.

Smart Water Bottles

How much water do you drink per day? If you had to count, you’re probably missing the mark and if you factored in that Vodka soda you had at lunch on Sunday, you’ve got a long way to go. The correct answer, is an intake of roughly 2.1 litres for women and 2.6 litres for men. Which, for most of us can seem a little overwhelming. Here to help quench your thirst are smart water bottles, including the sleek Ozmo Active Smart water bottle. Not only does it track your water intake throughout the day but you can also sync it to your Apple Watch or Fitbit to increase the suggested intake given the level of activity that you require. While prices are a little on the expensive side, hydration is one of the most overlooked keys to health and fitness. When you’re properly hydrated, mental clarity is boosted, your energy levels are up and you’re primed for exercise. So invest in your tech wisely and stay in the know about H20.

Smart Shoes

With marathon season fast approaching, it’s time lace up your trainers and hit the trail. But before you clock up any serious km’s, you need to make sure your gear matches your game. Sure, your old faithful sneakers did the job last year, but if you want to smash out a new PB or simply ensure your body is up to the challenge, invest in some quality running shoes. Your best bet? Under Armour’s latest UA HOVR sneakers. Don’t be fooled by sleek aesthetic, these shoes mean business. With a built in sensor, they seamlessly sync with your phone (even when you don’t have it on you)  to record a variety of data on your run, including distance, pace, splits, cadence, stride length, and lifetime distance.

Our favourite feature? The personalised Gait Coaching, which provides an in-depth analysis of a runner’s stride so they can run with the least amount of effort and better manage their risk of injury. Gait Coaching starts with a summary, showing the runner how their current form compares to their ideal form.

See you at the finish line.

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