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Nutella changes recipe and everyone is going crazy

People are not happy.
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Nutella fans, you might want to sit down for this one.

Ferrero has officially announced it has changed its iconic Nutella formula.

The news was made public when the company posted on German consumer group Hamburg Consumer Protection Centre’s Facebook page.

In the post, they shared the new formula will now contain 8.7 per cent of powdered skim milk in comparison to its old 7.5 per cent formula.

To make things even worse, there is now even more sugar. Sugar contents have ben raised from 55.9 per cent to 56.3 per cent!

Fans of the popular spread have since taken to social media to share their disgust:

Attempting to put everyone’s fears to rest, Ferrero said Nutella will remain consistent in quality and will taste the same except it will just have a lighter colour.

A spokesperson for Ferrero said: ‘It is a minor adjustment, which the food industry does regularly. The fine tuning is only minimal in relation to the whole product. All relevant nutritional aspects remain similar. The nutritional facts show only small differences per 100 grams. At portion level there is basically no change.’

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