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New Idea: 6WFHC nutrition check in

Rebecca Miller our Clinical Nutritionist runs updates us on the families progress so far.
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Midway through our challenge we check in with our Clinical Nutritionist, Rebecca Miller to see how are families are tracking and coping with their new health routines!

With our families participating within this 6-Week Challenge, midway through I have still kept calories consistent as to what they had been consuming in the first few weeks.

I’ve tried my best with the families to give them an amount of food that satisfies them and encourages slow weight loss, rather than going too low to create hunger and feelings of deprivation – this is what so many other weight loss plans do and it’s not long lasting! The amount of food also seemed to be working really well for the amount of weight I hoped to see them lose. 

For all of the families though, I changed up some of the recipes – mainly dinner, and provided them with foods that they told me they felt like they were “missing”. I was so pleased to hear that overall they were all feeling amazing, not feeling much hunger, and didn’t feel like they were missing much!

So, each new plan was still definitely sugar-free, refined carb free and high in

healthy fats and proteins but we just added in a few more recipes for variety, together with their favourites!

More lunch box ideas were also sent for the kids to keep them happy, Including recipes for sweet treats made with far better ingredients than what you would see in store bought foods. 

I’m so excited to see how all of the families go for the remaining few weeks! I’m very proud of them all so far.

Watch Mum-of-two Amanda share her ups and downs as she hits the mid-point of the New Idea 6-week family health challenge.

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