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New Idea: 6WFHC Fitness check in

Penny Walsh Health & Fitness Lifestyle Professional updates us in the families progress so far.
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Midway through our challenge we check in with our fitness expert, Penny Walsh to see how are families are tracking and coping with their new health and fitness routines!

“With the lifestyle challenge these awesome families have taken on, now that we have reached the halfway mark I have found there have been quite a few changes in such a positive way for them all to move into a healthier lifestyle for their future!

Reaching this point, the changes I have noted and that are important are not just physical but also mental, with such a demand for a positive attitude and time allocated to workout physically it takes determination and dedication from everyone as a team to work together – which I’m so proud to see they’ve all done so well.

There has been moments of tiredness and sometimes the families have realised it takes regularity and consistency to get results, which I understand is challenging, and it takes a good support system around them to make that happen – which includes themselves as family, myself as their trainer and their nutritionist.

Changes I’ve noted include increased fitness levels, weight loss, and better and increased energy compared to before they started. They are all physically moving more with my programs, which gives them all those happy endorphins!
I’m so pumped to see what the next few weeks will bring with everyone and I’m so proud of their overall lifestyle changes so far.

Onwards and upwards is where we are going, with changes of routines and maybe a little tough love from me pushing and motivating them all along the way.”

Watch: Elsa share her families journey so far.

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