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Channel 10 newsreader Natarsha Belling reveals shock injury


Channel 10 newsreader Natarsha Belling has shocked her social media followers by revealing a horrific injury she suffered.

Taking to Instagram, the journalised shared a photo that would make even the most brave amongst us squeamish.

‘So, someone once said shopping can be dangerous… here’s proof!’ Natarsha started her post.

‘Very sore and sorry today after falling 12 steps down an escalator. And I was sober!’

The newsreader went on to thank those who had helped her after the fall. 

‘Thank you to all the kind people who helped me and to the wonderful doctors and nurses for putting me back together!’ Natarsha wrote.

‘P.S Please excuse the crutches and hopping as I co-host @curecanceraufundraiser tonight!’ the star concluded her post.


Natarsha’s fans were quick to send her their well-wishes. 

‘Oh Tarsh!!! That looks excruciating. Sending healing vibes.  Xxxx,’ wrote one supporter.

‘Oh my goodness. That is terrible. Your a brave woman. The doctors must have super glue? I hope you didn’t have any other injuries? Get well, and stick to those Ugg boots. I feel your pain. Sending love and support,’ wrote another.

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