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Mother reveals she was ‘fat-shamed’ by her in-laws at the Christmas table

They REFUSED to give her dessert.

What is the one thing most families share on Christmas day? A large festive feast together!

One woman has had that special experience tarnished, when her in-laws called her out for eating too much. 

A Mumsnet user has shared the awful experience to the forum, and told how she was ‘fat-shamed’ by her sister-in-law when the yule log was put on the table. The sister-in-law said ‘she didn’t need it.’ 

The woman’s post also revealed out she had been served smaller portions and stopped from snacking during the Christmas feast. 

‘Yes, I am overweight but it’s not like I am eating more treats than anyone else here, everyone scoffing but I’m not allowed,’ the user ended. 

Mumsnet users were quick to share their disgust at the experience. 

‘That’s awful of them. It’s your choice to eat whatever you like, no one else’s,’ one commenter wrote. 

‘Very rude and humiliating,’ wrote another. 

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