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Is popular celebrity diet Keto BAD for you?

Alarming research shows dangers

The Keto diet is popular worldwide particularly among celebrities such as Halle Berry and Kim Kardashian, but alarming research shows that the eating plan can raise blood pressure. 

Tests done on mice showed that the rodents blood pressure raised in just four weeks under the trendy eating plan Keto.  

The study was lead by pharmacologist and physiologist Dr Jennifer Sullivan at the Augusta University. 

‘To me [the study] really highlights the importance of understanding what you are eating,’ Dr Sullivan told Daily Mail. ‘I think we may be underestimating how bad a consistently high-fat diet is for us.’

Halle Berry is a fan of Keto (Credit: Getty)

The researchers fed both male and female rodents the diet to study the outcome. 

‘You have a lot of people consuming high-fat diets and we don’t know enough about what effect it’s having on females,’ Dr Sullivan added. 

‘Since women are more likely to be obese than men and the association between increases in body weight and blood pressure is stronger in women, we wanted to see if the same response occurs in the female as well.’ 

Kim Kardashian also follows the Keto diet (Credit: Getty)

Both male and female rodents had their blood pressure measured before and after undergoing the eating plan and both sexes saw a rise in their blood pressure. 

Results also saw that the eating plan also saw a rise in the number of immune cells in the kidney. 

Kidneys are ‘important role in the long-term regulation of blood pressure’, according to Dr Sullivan. 

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