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Where Will You Live When You Retire?

The most popular options for when you’re ready to kick back.

Deciding where you’ll live as a retiree is a big decision – should you stay put or move into one of the many types of properties designed for this stage of life? Not all are created equal so whether you’re looking for less maintenance, a home with a sense of community or a place with plenty to do, it’s important to make a wise move.

Strata Living

If you’re an empty nester and finding yourself with a little more space than you can handle, consider moving into a smaller footprint. Not only will you reduce maintenance and upsize convenience, but you may also find yourself servicing a smaller mortgage or with a tidy profit to invest into your retirement nest egg.

When looking to downsize opt for a location near services and transport, as well as friends and family. Single-level properties or those with at least one downstairs bedroom and bathroom are a wise option, in case climbing stairs becomes a problem in the future.

A Strata apartment might be a good choice, with lots of options to choose from. Just check there’s enough storage space and visitor parking, and be sure you understand the body corporate rules and the ongoing fees before signing on the dotted line.

Retirement Villages

Fancy kicking up your heels in community designed to support your lifestyle? Then a retirement village is for you. As the name suggests, these are often small estates complete with many offering activity-fuelled amenities like a pool, clubhouse, gym, tennis court, and even a hairdresser, restaurant or cinema – all in the comfort of a safe and secure community.

Retirement villages come in all shapes and sizes, offering a range of one, two, three and even four-bedroom homes that are designed for low-maintenance living – just lock up and leave when you want to go away for a holiday. More than 200,000 Australians have made a wise move to retirement living, with more people every year recognising the value of living in purpose-built age-friendly communities.

Make a Wise Move

The Retirement Living Code of Conduct is an industry initiative focused on the wellbeing of retirement village residents. It’s all about providing a trustworthy and high-quality service for those living in, and considering moving to a retirement community. You can learn more about the retirement living and find a village that’s committed to Retirement Living Code of Conduct by visiting A Wise Move. You can also download a free copy of The Book of Wise Moves to discover if retirement living is right for you.

Village Serviced Apartments

An alternative choice within a retirement village, serviced apartments are for those who might want a little help with cleaning, laundry and meals. This isn’t aged care, although some retirement villages can provide a range of aged care services if required.

Rental Villages

For people looking to rent, there’s a good range of retirement communities catering for all needs. While some retirement villages offer homes and apartments to rent, there are also age-friendly communities that provide safe and secure options to meet the needs of people receiving rent assistance from the Australian Government.

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