Woolworth’s new feature lets you skip checkout lines for good

Say goodbye to long checkout lines with this feature.
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If you’ve been to Woolworths this year, you may have noticed the new feature, ‘Scan&Go’ – although not every store has been granted a trial.

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At select stores across Australia, this AI-powered feature helps speed up shoppers’ process. For those on a time crunch, a simple app on your phone allows you to skip the checkout altogether.

The Scan&Go feature is powered through your phone. (Credit: Getty)

What is Scan&Go?

Introduced into select Woolworths stores earlier in 2022, Scan&Go is powered by the Woolworths app, supported by in-shop smart scales and end-of-shop Scan & Go stations.

By scanning grocery items with your phone while you shop, customers can bag as they go and simply scan the QR code at the Scan&Go checkout on their way out: lines be damned!

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How do I use Scan&Go?

To use this new feature, one must download Woolworthsapp and open the Scan&Go feature. Then, through the phone’s camera, barcoded items are scanned and registered.

For items without scannable codes, like fruit or bakery goods, customers can use any of the smart scale stations throughout the shop, which register the item and create a scannable barcode (genius!).

At the end of your shop, simply pay in the app and head to one of the Scan&Go stations, where the receipt QR is scanned for proof of purchase. Then, you’re free to go! No waiting necessary.

The Scan&Go feature can be found in the Woolworths app. (Credit: Woolworths)

Will Scan&Go be in all stores?

Considering this is a relatively new technology, Scan&Go has yet to hit all Australian stores.

When speaking to, a Woolworths spokesperson said, “As Woolworths opens new stores and renew existing stores, Scan&Go will be considered part of the mix.”

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In the meantime, as for new additions, the supermarket chain has also introduced a ‘quiet hour’, running from 10:30am to 11:30am Monday to Thursday. This initiative has been extended from its original Tuesday timeslot to accommodate for the holiday period.  

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