Woolworths Hot Chip Gravy has started a foodie frenzy

"Hangovers just got one step easier."
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Woolworths has given us the product we didn’t know we needed: a gravy that’s designed to pair perfectly with hot chips.

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Costing just $3.50 and containing 4 servings (give or take depending on how much you love your gravy), the Hot Chip Gravy has foodies in a frenzy with its release.

The new product is described as a “rich gravy with herby notes that pairs perfectly with golden, hot chips”.

Even better, it comes ready-made in a bag, so you can quickly heat it up on the stove or microwave it for just 60 seconds, rendering Paul Kelly’s famous Christmas recipe obsolete.

(Credit: Woolworths)

Facebook users took to the comments with their thoughts, sharing how they’d serve the gravy.

“It would be yum with potato gems!” one wrote.

“Hangovers just got one step easier,” another one wrote.

However, some were less taken with the new-look gravy.

“It’s okay but really salty,” one advised.

“Hot chip gravy is just ‘gravy’,” wrote another naysayer.

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Whether you like to dip your chips, cover them in gravy, or serve both on a delicious chip sandwich, this is definitely the product to try.

Grab your Hot Chip Gravy here.

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