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Looking to cut down on your meat consumption but don’t know where to start?

Struggling to find flavourful alternatives to your favourite meat-based meals?

Make things easier on yourself and make changes to your diet at the base level, swapping out staple ingredients in your pantry for plant-based alternatives like Campbell’s Real Stock Mushroom!

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Made from white button and champignon mushrooms, the brand-new product is sure to take your pastas, casseroles, and soups to a whole new level!

Surprisingly, the stock is one of the first to be sold en masse of its kind in the likes of Coles and Woolworths, mushroom stock previously only being available at high prices, in small quantities, and in few retailers country-wide. 

It is currently retailing for $2.25 in Coles (RRP $4.50) for a 1L bottle and $4.50 in Woolworths (RRP $4.50) for a 1L bottle or 2L for $7.00.

What is mushroom stock good for?

As well as helping you create a delicious, plant-based meal, this fungi-powered brother contains a number of nutritional benefits thanks to its main ingredient – mushrooms. 

These include (but are not limited to) improved gut health, a boosted immune system, and remineralization of the body. 

What is mushroom stock made of? 

Apart from the obvious ingredients (mushrooms), mushroom stock can also include a mixture of other veggies such as onions, parsley, and more. 

Mushroom stock is a great alternative for meat based stock (eg beef). (Credit: Supplied)

Is mushroom stock the same as vegetable stock?

Whilst both types of stock are plant-based, using a mushroom stock in your meal will completely change the way your dish tastes. 

Vegetable stock is a more general option for those wanting to add something more to their dish, murshroom stock will completely reinvent your dish due to its strong umami flavouring and earthy undertones. 

It’s also a great substitute for recipes that require beef stock. 

What’s the difference between mushroom stock and broth?

Don’t worry, we get confused between the two as well! Stock and broth share a whole bunch of similarities but have one major difference that sets them apart. 

Both are made with a mixture of vegetables but broth is made from animal meat whilst stock is made from animal bones. 

Whilst both are delicious and packed with flavour, broth tends to be a thinner consistency and takes less time to cook.  

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