TikTok star Nonna Fina shares tips for re-using leftovers

This Nonna never wastes any food (and here's how you can too!)
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TikTok’s most beloved grandma, Nonna Fina, has amassed millions of fans across the world thanks to her delicious Italian-inspired recipes, kitchen hacks, hilarious persona, and wholesome relationship with her family – especially granddaughter Maddie. 

And now, the 77-year-old is here to impart her wisdom about how she reduces food waste thanks to a nifty new partnership with Kellogg’s and Yume. 

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At a special workshop event held in Sydney – Nonna’s Never Waste Workshop –  the social media superstar opened up about how she not only gets the most out of the food she has in her fridge, freezer, and pantry but how we can all make more sustainable (and affordable) choices when it comes to storing food. 

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“I’ve grown up with an appreciation for food, and the delicious produce Australia has to offer – it’s a shame for it to go to waste. I feel it’s my duty to impart some of my waste wisdom the get the most out of your weekly shop,” Nonna Fina told attendees. 

“I hope I can help Australians waste less in the kitchen and are inspired to get creative with what they have left over – don’t forget to ask your nonna for her tips too!”

Nonna Fina is here to make sure you “never waste” any food (Credit: Supplied)

The workshop comes at a time when millions of Aussies are battling a cost-of-living crisis and the food insecurity that comes along with it. 

According to research conducted by Kellogg’s, only 50% of Aussies feel confident about properly storing and using leftovers, with an additional 67% wishing there was more education surrounding the topic so they could prevent food wastage in the future. 

Shocking, one in five Aussies are throwing their leftovers straight in the bin, with 8% using their leftovers to make new recipes in the following days. 

So what does Nonna Fina recommend doing? 

Nonna Fina and her granddaughter Madi have generations of knowledge between them (Credit: Supplied)

1. Store food properly 

Whether it’s raw food or leftovers, storing and sealing food properly, and at the right temperature, helps to keep it fresher for longer, allowing you to eat the food at a later time.

2. Make the most of leftover food 

Save it to eat the following day or freeze it.

3. Create a compost 

Setting up a compost in your backyard or on your balcony is an easy way to break down food scraps which will eventually turn into soil that you can repurpose in pot plants or your garden.

4. Be thrifty with your food 

Check your kitchen before you head to the supermarket to buy anything new. See what you’ve got at home and eat what you already have.

5. Using cereal crumbs 

The remains at the bottom of your cereal bag or box can be sprinkled on your yoghurt for breakfast or can even be used as a coating for crispy fried chicken.

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Anthony Holme, Managing Director of Kellogg Australia said Nonna’s top tips were a brilliant tie-in with the breakfast food businesses’ own sustainability initiatives. 

“At Kellogg, we’re committed to minimising food waste. This includes repurposing food within our manufacturing plant, selling surplus or short shelf-life stock via the Yume platform, and donating cereal and snacks to our partners such as Foodbank or sending food that can’t be consumed by people to be used as animal feed.”

“We also want to help households reduce food waste in the home, which is why we’re excited to tap into the knowledge and know-how of the older generation to encourage more sustainable food with our Nonna’s Never Waste workshop.”

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