Fast-food lovers look away because Maccas is now facing reduced hours

And it's all thanks to COVID-19.
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It seems that Omicron won’t rest until it has sucked every morsel of joy from our lives.

First it was KFC that announced they were facing a chicken shortage, and now fast-food competitor McDonalds is the latest victim of COVID’s wrath.

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Due to the isolation requirements for those who contract the virus, many companies are facing staff shortages as their workers test positive for COVID.

As a result, a McDonalds spokesperson told that some of their restaurants around the country are being forced to reduce their operation hours. 

“We appreciate our customers’ patience and understanding as we continue to prioritise health and safety during these times,” she said.

Some McDonald’s restaurants are facing reduced hours due to workers in isolation. (Credit: McDonald’s)

One Maccas that has been affected is McDonald’s Blaxland in NSW’s Blue Mountains.

Usually open 24 hours, on Tuesday, it was revealed they had cut down to trading from 6am to 11pm “due to unforeseen circumstances”.

The news comes not long after KFC announced that some of their branches would be implementing a “reduced menu” due to stock shortages.

“We appreciate our customers’ patience and understanding.” (Credit: McDonald’s)

As Omicron sweeps across the country, supply chain issues continue to run rampant due to transportation, distribution and store workers in isolation.

“Unfortunately our supply chain has been disrupted,” a spokesperson for KFC said in a statement, according to Nine.

“We’re sorry for any issues this causes our customers – we’re doing everything we can to help our suppliers get back on track.”

Some KFCs will be offering a reduced menu. (Credit: KFC)

Their website also read: “This isn’t the way we wanted to start the year, please be kind to each other, and our staff as they do their best to provide the chicken we all love.

Comparably, while McDonalds is feeling the brunt of fewer in-restaurant staff, for now it seems as though their supply chain is safe.

“We continue to work closely with our strong network of long term suppliers, farmers and producers throughout the pandemic, to ensure our customers can continue to enjoy our great tasting food,” a spokesperson said.

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