Lose 6kg in 2 weeks: The all-new $7.50 ALDI DIET where you can even eat PIZZA!

Released today - get the eating plan and recipes here!

The man behind last year’s incredibly popular $8 ALDI diet has done it again, releasing a NEW eating plan that’s even BETTER than the last.Queensland father-of-three Dan Ellis revealed his simple budget diet – where all products are available from ALDI – on social media last year, revealing how scores of family and friends had embarked on the eating plan with amazing results.

Now Dan has exclusively revealed his new eating plan to New Idea Food today, revealing that it’s even cheaper than last year’s plan – because it includes a low-calorie pizza! 

‘Going into winter, sometimes a salad is the last thing you feel like eating,’ he tells New Idea Food. ‘So I worked on a pizza that was very low in calories – but is still really tasty.

‘Everything is available from ALDI, and if you stick with it for two weeks with no mistakes you will lose as much as 6kg,’ he posted. ‘And adding up all the ingredients, it’ll cost you about $7.50 a day – or just over $50 for the week which is awesome.‘If anyone wants to lose weight after Easter when we all have a little too much chocolate, then I would give it a go. I’ve lost 12kg on it, and heaps of my friends and colleagues have as well. And the pizza is so good – even my kids love it.’Dan’s diet is not meant to be a long-term eating plan – ‘It’s more to kickstart a new healthy regime or shift some stubborn kilos,’ says Dan – and of course you should always see a doctor before starting any weight loss programme.But if the all-new ALDI pizza diet sounds up your alley, then this is what you need …THE ALL-NEW ALDI DIETBREAKFASTBerry Smoothie– 100g Frozen Orchard Vine Mixed Berries- 100ml Farmdale Skim Long Life Milk- 100g Brooklea Natural 99% Fat Free Yoghurt- 1 small bananaSimply blitz ingredients in a blender and serve.Calories: 286
Dan’s ALDI breakfast ingredients … (Image: Supplied)
… to make this smoothie! (Image: Supplied)
LUNCH1 Slim & Trim meal replacement barCalories – 211
These are available from ALDI! (Image: Supplied)
SNACKSTwo snacks a day, at morning tea and afternoon tea.- Choose from either one carrot or one apple.Calories – 25 to 50
You can have a carrot and apple as two snacks throughout the day! (Image: Supplied)
DINNER– 1 piece Bakers Life Artisan Style Lebanese Bread- 50g Remano Pizza Sauce- 50g Berg Shaved Ham Triple Smoked- 1-2 mushrooms, finely sliced- 50g Westacre Pizza CheeseCalories: 450Directions: Heat oven to 250c. Spread pizza sauce over top of Lebanese bread. Tear ham into pieces and place on top of pizza sauce, then top with sliced mushrooms and cheese. Add chilli and herbs from your garden if desired. Place in super hot oven, directly onto the rack, for five minutes until cheese is golden. Season with salt and pepper, slice and serve!
You need these ALDI ingredients to make Dan’s low-cal pizza! (Image: Supplied)
And just look how good it looks! (Image: Supplied)
Dinner is served! (Image: Supplied)

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