Kmart secretly drops brand-new Pie Maker

It's their best one yet!

Kmart sneakily dropped a brand-new pie maker in stores and online and it’s a step up from the previous models.

The new version is a revamp of the famous pie-making machine but can make six pies at once and retails for $39. Previous models include the family-sized Pie Maker and the four-pie Pie Maker which have been popular items among Kmart shoppers.The latest version comes several years after the four-pie Pie Maker dropped and makes similar-sized pies but gives you an extra two every time you cook! 
(Credit: Kmart)
The news was revealed on the Facebook group Kmart Pie Maker Recipes when one woman spotted the device at a Kmart in Victoria. As expected, the post went off with users commenting on their excitement.The new six-pie model dropped sometime in the last week and can now be found across the country in various stores or on Kmart’s website. If you’re in Victoria and facing sudden Kmart store closures don’t worry, delivery and click and collect are still available!The new model comes in white and is non-stick, features overheat protection, a heat-insulated handle, and comes with a cutter.If your new to the pie-game and just can’t resist the low price and usability of a Kmart Pie Maker, there’s plenty of inspiration and hacks already out there from when Kmart dropped the four-pie Pie Maker several years ago.  First spotted in a South Morang store in Victoria not nearly a week ago, the new model is already low in stock in Kmart’s across the country. Get in quick before they sell out and start experimenting with some fun recipes like this Pie Maker Wagon Wheel. You might also like:Delish recipes to make in your kmart pie maker Three-ingredient apple pie Top 5 tips from a Kmart pie maker guru

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