Kmart Mums are now making $15 TEA & COFFEE STATIONS to clean up kitchen clutter!

This is the hack of the year!

Are you sick of kitchen bench clutter? Teabags, coffee pots, spoons, cups and kettles everywhere – not to mention toasters and chopping boards.Well the clever ladies at the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group have come up with a way to keep to keep your kitchen clutter to a minimum – thanks to a $15 product.

‘Coffee Stations’ are the latest trend sweeping the hugely popular page, with hundreds of mums around the country turning mess into magic with the clever hack. 

Using the $15 Rectangle Wall Shelf, the mums simply stand it up lengthways on the bench, and then use $3 Kmart cannisters to hold teabags, coffee and sugar – filling the remaining spots on the shelf with coffee cups and the like. 

GORGEOUS!The trend is believed to have been started by follow Stevie-Lee, who writes: ‘Can’t believe it ……….I’m a trend setter 😂😂😂😂😂Loving everyone’s recreations of my coffee tea station great job ladies keep them coming 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍’
Kmart Mum Stevie-Lee kicked off the trend with this epic set-up! (Image: Kmart Mums Australia)
Follower Wendy followed the trend, adding flowers and a gorgeous ceramic cupcake to complete the look – see photo at top of page.Another Kmart Mum added stick-on letters to label her cannisters – how good does it look?!Gigi writes: ‘Thanks ladies for all the coffee and tea station ideas. I completed mine this morning 😊’
Gigi’s tea and coffee station is next level! (Image: Kmart Mums Australia/Facebook)
TheotherKmartMumsAustraliafollowersloved the look.‘Looks amazing! Well done!’ wrote one. Said another: ‘I’m so doing this!’Added a third: ‘Love this!’
Follower Linda created this blue-themed station! (Image: Kmart Mums Australia/Facebook)
Kmart Mum Tracy did this fabulous take on the idea. (Image: Kmart Mums Australia/Facebook)
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The clever Kmart Mums use this product to create their tea and coffee stations! (Image: Kmart)

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