A burger, twister and crunch bowl: KFC’s new Zinger Crunch Range is here

This new range is bringing the heat!
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KFC has taken the Zinger to the next level with an all-new range that promises to bring some punch to menus and tastebuds across the country.

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KFC’s new Zinger Crunch Range, which features a burger, twister and crunch bowl, is packed with a signature Zinger fillet, pickled slaw, cheese and Jalapeño mayo for some extra heat.

It also comes with deliciously crunchy corn chips, making it the hottest and loudest range available on KFC menus in Australia.

The best part? The Zinger Crunch Range is taking up a permanent spot on KFC’s menu – so it’s here to stay.

kfc zinger crunch burger
Zinger Crunch Burger. (Credit: Supplied)

The new Zinger Crunch range is available as permanent menu additions in-restaurant, for contact-free pickup and delivery via the KFC App and local delivery partners from today.

You can either go for the Zinger Crunch Burger, or the Zinger Crunch Twister and Zinger Crunch Bowl.

The Twister and Bowl are both available with KFC’s classic Original Recipe fillet instead for any crunch-nuts who can’t quite handle the heat.

kfc zinger crunch bowl
Zinger Crunch Bowl. (Credit: Supplied)

Commenting on the new range, Kristi Woolrych, CMO at KFC Australia, said the new Zinger Crunch range is “exploding with new fresh flavours” and packs a crunch.

“The range puts a refreshing twist on our iconic Zinger menu items with new flavours – and our first KFC Bowl – that have been created with our fans’ tastes and interests in mind,” she said.

“We’re thrilled that these new products are permanent menu items, but with three new products to try, only one question remains: Which one are you trying first?”

kfc zinger crunch twister
Zinger Crunch Twister. (Credit: Supplied)

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