How YOU can get your hands on WHITE CHOCOLATE NUTELLA

It's the suff of dreams - and now you can get it

Since it was revealed last year that White Chocolate Nutella would soon be hitting our shelves, Aussie fans have been desperate to get their hands on the cult item. 

Made with hazelnuts and white chocolate, it’s the ultimate sweet treat for all you white chocolate fans out there. 

But despite the initial wave of excitement over the release of White Nutella, many have been confused as to why it’s still not on supermarket shelves. 

A recent Facebook post on the mystery prompted many to wonder whether White Nutella was a myth and doesn’t really exist. 


Is this even a thing? Lol. I demand proof!!’ wrote one fan. Added another: ‘Is it even out at all? I’d love to get my hands on some 😍

Said a third: ‘Um what even is this sorcery? White Nutella?! 😮

Said one more: ‘That’s fake. It’s a badly printed label.’ And another: ‘It did look like glue to me lol I wouldn’t eat it if it was real.’


Well after some serious digging, New Idea Food can confirm it DOES exist – but only in Italy at this stage, where it is known as Nutella Bianca. There are many images of the spread on sale in Europe, and many fan reviews of the creamy white spread. 

‘I’ve tasted it, and it’s amazing,’ said one online reviewer.

And while it’s available in some specialty confectionary stores in Australia that sell overseas sweets, there are some other alternatives you can try to get your White Nutella fix. 

I’ve seen some “deli” places selling Eurocrem which is white hazelnut spread,’ said one social media user. ‘Real Italian stuff. Not sure if Nutella make them. It to me was like white chocolate spread but with a hint of hazelnut. Just like white Nutella.’

Another added: ‘If you have an Italian continental grocer, you’ll probably find a similar product there. It’s usually a mixture of normal Nutella and white.’

The other alternative? Head to Italy! Sounds like the perfect excuse to plan a trip to Europe to us!

This article was first published by New Idea Food. 

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