Freelee the Banana Girl: Everything You Need to Know

Does she only eat bananas? Your questions answered

Originally from Queensland, Freelee the Banana Girl is an online figure that is a writer, speaker, YouTuber, radical vegan and animal activist. Here’s everything you need to know about her. 

Who is Freelee the Banana Girl?

Freelee the Banana Girl, real name Leanne Ratcliffe, is an Australian vegan advocate who rose to fame online in 2014 after her 50-bananas-a-day diet went viral. This banana based diet is why Leanne is known as the banana girl. An often controversial figure, Freelee the Banana Girl has posted many videos on her YouTube channel that promote her raw vegan diets, unique lifestyle and commentary on celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and famous YouTuber Jenna Marbles. The 38-year-old has garnered interest from people because her lifestyle arose after battling drug addiction and eating disorders, and her claims that her diet has helped her lose 20 kilos and overcome a myriad of health issues. Freelee the Banana Girl has been at the centre of a number of controversial stories since she began posting videos nine years ago. Besides questions around the health impacts of her diet, some of these include serious accusations of bullying that led to her and ex-boyfriend, fellow radical vegan Durianrider (whose real name is Harley Johnstone and has had abuse allegations made against him) being sued by Kayla Itsines for defamation. 
(Instagram: freeleethebananagirl)

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